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Hi everyone,

The past year has been a busy one for both Dario and I, and we look forward to bringing various updated and new features to HOL. One such feature is pets. We're planning on introducing more variety as well as new ways to interact with your pets. We'll also be putting together a pet shop for you to purchase pets for yourself.

We'd love to hear from you about which pets you'd like to see included as well as how you'd like to be able interact with them. We're hoping to create both an enjoyable and engaging experience. That being said, we do want to try keep the types of pets somewhat realistic (so no hiding dragons under your bed).

Please share your ideas and suggestions with us through this survey.

We'll go through each of your suggestions and determine whether or not they're feasible. Some of these might be incorporated into the initial update for pets, whereas others might have to wait until further down the line. Even if we're not able to implement your suggestions or ideas exactly how you envision them, Dario and I will discuss ways we can achieve them within the constraints we have to work. That being said, just because you suggest something, it doesn't necessarily mean we'll be able to add it, so please don't be disappointed: there are a lot of factors at work.

We can’t promise we’ll be able to reply to each person individually, but if we do need to follow up on something with you, we will.

Thanks in advance!

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