Gaming Environments

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Prof. Amy Lupin
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Gaming Environments

Post by Prof. Amy Lupin » Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:53 pm

I've found with boardgaming, in particular, I tend to play in a range of different environments. Sometimes it will be a small-ish group at a person's house or there will be a bunch of us meeting at a games store, often with other people also there. I do tend to prefer the former, but sometimes the latter allows for more flexibility/variety. I'm generally not a fan of noisy environments though, especially when it comes to boardgames relying on conversation or discussion.

With videogaming, I found the early mornings my favourite time to play as there were fewer distractions/interruptions. I've experienced one too many a time, where I've been hyper-focused on a scene, heart hammering, only to startle when the door leading into the room I was in suddenly opened.

I play mobile games as well, often digital adaptations of boardgames, and generally I'll play those while taking transport, in waiting rooms or if I'm feeling a bit restless while watching something on tv.

Which environments do you prefer playing in?
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Kendra Givens
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Re: Gaming Environments

Post by Kendra Givens » Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:28 am

If I'm board gaming, it's usually at somebody's house with just a few people there hanging out. I like it to be relaxed, maybe some music in the background and some snacks involved. Since we recently moved, I discovered that there's a store nearby that does strategy game nights, so I've considered going there to meet fellow board gamers and new games. Still haven't done it though.

As far as video gaming, it all depends on what I'm playing. If I'm playing Sims and I'm concentrating, I'm generally sitting at a table and it's fairly quiet. I've been known to snark at people who are talking while I'm in the middle of building. I also need concentration time when I'm playing Crossy Road on my phone, but that can be at any location. If I'm video gaming on a console, it's generally something multi-player and Mario related. I may or may not have an addiction to Mario Party ;). In those situations, it's at least me and one other person and we're competitive and loud.
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