Tracking Gameplays

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Tracking Gameplays

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Several people in my boardgames group track their plays through the BG Stats app, and recently I started doing the same. For me, the main motivation is having a better idea of how many unique games I've played.

Though individual scores or wins can be interesting information and I'll generally track them if time/circumstances allows, this is of less importance to me. The same too with accurate numbers for how many times I've played individual games. When I first starting adding details of games I've played to a certain website dedicated to boardgames, I ended up giving an estimate of how many plays I'd gotten in, capping it at 10.

There is a more detailed version of BG Stats, which I may opt for at a later stage, where one can compare how two or players compare with each other overall. My main hesitation though is I enjoy games for enjoyment's sake, rather than being super-focused on getting a certain score or winning.

With video games, I confess I don't track gameplays as such, but I do enjoy the built-in achievements or badges. After my first game of Civilization VI, I decided to try play as certain leaders in order to see if I could pull off certain combinations to unlock further achievements/badges.

Do you track any of the games you play or elements of them?

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