More than Just a Game

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More than Just a Game

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Though I enjoy boardgames and video games in and of themselves, lately they've been more than simply just that for me.

I've had several rough patches in the last year or so where I couldn't concentrate on much due to illness, and boardgames helped provide some much-needed mental stimulation. Grasping new rules and figuring out how the different game components interacted with each other helped boost cognition, as did working out various strategies (and adjusting them on the go). I still very much so enjoy this aspect. Similarly, with video games, I found them to be a good alternative to other forms of entertainment in the sense that there was more interaction and decision-making involved, not to mention having a sense of accomplishing several things in a relatively short space of time, whether attaining a new level, unlocking an achievement or getting past a tricky stage. While I still read and watched TV to pass the time, games offered a nice change of pace.

As an introvert, regular boardgames meetups have facilitated something of a safe space in which to socialise. I tend to be rather anxious meeting and getting to know new people, but I've found boardgames offer a great way to interact with others, as one can focus the conversation more on the games themselves as well as the metagame. I've also made some analogies between some of the games I've played and a number of my own experiences, which, in some respects, has helped me come to terms with them.

Do games have any special meaning to you? Are there any interesting observations you've made while playing a particular game?

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