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Castora Grimsby
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Post by Castora Grimsby »

I've been playing Scattergories lately with some friends. I don't even care who wins, I just like to see what everyone comes up with. I also really like trivia games like trivial pursuit.
Caitlin Hewett
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Post by Caitlin Hewett »

My favourites would be Scrabble and Monopoly. I have the Australian version of Monopoly.
Kenzie Jones
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Post by Kenzie Jones »

Sivillisation, mastermind and cludeo are my faves!
Kori Marshall
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Post by Kori Marshall »

I love board games they just bring a group of people together for a good time and who doesn't want that. My favorite games include:

-The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia
and many many more my family literally has like a closet full of board games
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Adelaide Inverna
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Post by Adelaide Inverna »

Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble <3, though we don't place them anymore at my house because it's a given I'll win.
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Morgan Maddock

Post by Morgan Maddock »

it would have to be either quelf or apples to apples.
Violet Rubert
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Post by Violet Rubert »

Ah nostalgia hits me when I think of board games. Anywho my favorite board games have to be:

Scrabble- I've only had the chance to play once or twice. None of my friends are really interested in the game but I still love it either way.

Clue- The funny thing is. I've never even been able to play this one through. My sister and I have tried several times and to no avail we've never gotten through it. Maybe now that we're older and with hurricane season rolling on by we can sit down for a game.

Monopoly- One of my absolute favorites! We have the disney version and the original version in my closet still. Here's to hoping we get to play it again.

Candyland- I know this is quite embarrassing to admit. But that game was the best game ever. At least, when I was younger. If a kid ever asks me to play I will proudly play the game with him/her.

Battleship- Nothing is more refreshing than taking down an enemy. Now, all that this company has to do is make a take over the world game and we're all set.

Scene It!- Mind you I've only played the disney version but I'd rock at the Harry Potter version.
Prof. Ryan Granger
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Post by Prof. Ryan Granger »

Oh my favorite one? Well my entire family loves Candyland its bad we were arguing about it during the holidays. We like any game that comes on a board though. One of my favorites which no one else in my family like is ScrabbleI can get my mom to play sometimes but not that often.
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Silde Owen
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Post by Silde Owen »

Monopoly is a bit of a classic. No one ever wants to play it though, takes too long. I really must buy my own board though, I mean if you don't have Monopoly who are you?!

In my family an old favourite is the London Game. The board is a Tube map (circa 1975) and you travel around on the different lines to visit tourist attractions. It's more versatile than most ordinary one-direction board games and also meant I had conclusively learnt how to get around London long before I ever actually visited it.

The one we play most often when I go home is Trivial Pursuit cos my family are kind of quiz nuts and we all like to prove we are more knowledgeable than each other.

I personally love Pictionary, Taboo and Balderdash but again others aren't so keen and you can't play by yourself :(

My best game is History of the World because I've only played it twice but I won crushing victories each time and now no one will play me again.

I got my bf a German board game for Christmas called Die Siedler von Catan. There is an English version of it (Settlers of Catan) but we thought nah we'll play it in German. We've had four days and not worked out the rules yet. Not so smart.
Katrina Lovegood
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Post by Katrina Lovegood »

My favourites would have to be Clue and the Game of Life, or at least they used to be - I haven't played them in years! I have Clue at home, but my partner doesn't like it so I dont get to play. I have also been trying to track down a copy of the Game of Life, but the stores here don't sell it anymore and the only ones I can find on ebay either have 1/2 their pieces missing or are extremely expensive!

QUOTE I got my bf a German board game for Christmas called Die Siedler von Catan. There is an English version of it (Settlers of Catan) but we thought nah we'll play it in German. We've had four days and not worked out the rules yet. Not so smart.[/quote]

I LOVE that game! If you need any help with it let me know :)
Prof. Zoki Phantom
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Post by Prof. Zoki Phantom »


*coughs* I'm in love with board games, just to let you know, in case it's not obvious. ;)

My favorite ones would have to be Monopoly, CLUE, and Risk. Or maybe even some other ones I can't remember at the moment. >_>
Prof. Tom Foster
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Post by Prof. Tom Foster »

I pretty much like all board games, especially harry potter scene it. The only board game I don't like is Monopoly.
Erin Jean
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Post by Erin Jean »

This is *such* a hard question! I'm kind of a board game junkie, and I enjoy finding weird games from the 70s and such. My favorites are:

any trivia game
Puerto Rico

I've been getting more into strategy games (Puerto Rico is one) thanks to my friend. They may take a while to play, but it's a lot of fun.
Leanna Lovegood
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Post by Leanna Lovegood »

Life. So fun...and you can cheat (steal money) if you're doing horribly. Why? Because..."Life's not fair." :lol:
I also like Scrabble, and the classic, Monopoly. But I prefer playing Chocolate-opoly now. What kind of Monopoly will they come up with next, I wonder?
Ely Granger
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Post by Ely Granger »

My favourites board games are:

- Monopoly
- Harry Potter Clue
- Settlers of Catan
- Key Largo
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Katelin Ross
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Post by Katelin Ross »

OMG ELY I knew I loved you!

-Settlers of Catan (yes a friend got me hooked, we should play online sometime)
-A bunch of others

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Kaitlyn Fox
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Post by Kaitlyn Fox »

My favorite is Life. But, I can only play it when I go to my grandparents' house. My grandpa does not like life so I can never get him to play.
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Sisa Cis-Ceres
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Post by Sisa Cis-Ceres »

So many fans of Settlers of Catan :) Me too :) Have anyone participate in international tournaments? (I was only at the (middle)Europian one but my sister went to the world championship 2010 and she said there were players from all around the world)

From the games mentioned before I like Risk (classic or better Risk2210 version). But my most favourite are Dixit!, Galaxy trucker, Cable Car and wargames Diplomacy and Civilization:the Bord Game (the older edition)

Sometimes I have a short-term job teaching games at gamefestival or events for schoolchildren so I have to know a lot of games for children and sometimes I take some of them to gamming session with my university fellows and that's the best fun:)

For Silde Owen
QUOTE I got my bf a German board game for Christmas called Die Siedler von Catan. There is an English version of it (Settlers of Catan) but we thought nah we'll play it in German. We've had four days and not worked out the rules yet. Not so smart.[/quote]
The publisher of the game has online tutorial, I'm not sure whether I can post link here but google "settlers catan prof easy" and you will have it.
(Is this correct? I read the rules and I hope it is.)
Zachary Jameson
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Post by Zachary Jameson »

Board games brings back memories of "Family Game Night"! Some of them include:

BattleshipMonopoly (and other versions)SorryParachessi

Of course, being in college now... I have no more "Family Game Night" but I still love board games.

I am play well in checkers and chess... I hope to get a wizard's chess set though! XD!!
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Cornelia Stark
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Post by Cornelia Stark »

Monopoly. I am a beast at monopoly. I don't care that it takes four hours to complete on a good day; I could play it forever.
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