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Prof. Amy Lupin
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Mobile and Tablet Games

Post by Prof. Amy Lupin »

I don't often play mobile or tablet games, but there are a few I've enjoyed, most notably Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and Years 5-7 (both on iPad). I recently got into a puzzly game on mobile called I Love Hue, which involves arranging different coloured tiles into a spectrum. I find it can be rather relaxing (while the game tracks the world average in terms of total moves a level takes, there's no penalty if you wind up using additional moves) and also deeply satisfying getting the assorted arrangements correct.

I'm also looking forward to trying out Elder Scroll: Blades when it releases on mobile, possibly even later this year.

Are there any mobile or tablet games that you enjoy playing?
Celeste Farhorn
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Re: Mobile and Tablet Games

Post by Celeste Farhorn »

For me, at the moment, I am somewhat pathetically addicted to a game on my mobile called Cooking Frenzy. It started off as a trivial thing, something to do the pass the time where I thought, oh hey, this is actually quite calm and relaxed. Yeah, no. The first restaurant had only 15 levels, though since then, I am now six restaurants in, and stressed out when I play it as you have an incomprehensibly short amount of time to complete a ridiculous amount of dishes. While it stresses me out, I cannot seem to put the game down and have, shamefacedly and on numerous occasions, invested actual money within the game. Alas, I am still stupidly addicted despite being somewhat ashamed of my actions.

Another of my favourite mobile games is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I started playing it about two years ago, obviously way before the release of ACNH on the switch, and have since abandoned it for the more advanced game on the Nintendo console. The game itself on mobile is very cute and incredibly well developed for a mobile game. Levelling up was a surprisingly quick process, and the more you level up in the game, the more you advance. There are seasonal events that you do within the game, and these events are based upon the real-time seasons. At the minute there was an easter egg hunt, where you could craft furniture from the eggs you collect, and earlier in the other months, there was a flower collecting event and the rewards were that you get to remodel your camper van with cute floral designs and other things.
Rose Pottermore
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Re: Mobile and Tablet Games

Post by Rose Pottermore »

I am loving a game I recently started playing, and its known as Among Us. We get in a spaceship with some crew members and an impostor(s). I have been playing this for a month or so, both as a crew member and an impostor and this game is really very relaxing. There are no levels, we can just play it with random people from all around the world or play it with our friends by sharing a special game code.
Aurelia West
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Re: Mobile and Tablet Games

Post by Aurelia West »

Like Celeste I am a fan of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I think it's a nice way to spend some free time and it doesn't give me any real stresses because there's no timed component (unless I'm trying to catch fish for the fishing tourney and they're about to reset). Lately I've also been enjoying Genshin Impact. It's a gatcha style open-world game that runs pretty well on my phone which was a surprise. It's got beautiful art and music and I'm really enjoying the story line so far. I'm currently trying to gain my adventure rank to make it to the next story quest, but I highly recommend it!
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