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by Penelope Redsmall
Wed Apr 15, 2020 6:18 pm
Forum: Pottermore
Topic: Muggle Technology
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Re: Muggle Technology

I use technology constantly. It's a great source of joy in my life. It's also a great source of frustration. Wouldn't I love to be able to swish a wand and get an offline printer back online? Or patch a spotty wifi connection? Or use Reparo when I drop my phone.
by Penelope Redsmall
Wed Apr 15, 2020 6:06 pm
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Your *real* Character
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Re: Your *real* Character

Name: Michelle Age:38 B-Day date: June 24 Personality: Very reserved, but full of surprises Where you live: New York Male/Female: Very female Pet/s: One cat, named Olenna Fave book: Too many to name movie: Two for the Road TV show: Law & Order, Game of Thrones toon: Powerpuff Girls class: History of...

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