Paw Print Logo Contest!

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We are getting closer and closer to the relaunch of the Paw Print! In celebration of that, we are looking for a new Paw Print Logo.

For the next two weeks, we invite you to create a Paw Print Logo! The logo size should be one of the following: 150x150, 200x200, or 200x150. Anything else goes! Just remember, this is for the Paw Print.

All entries should be sent to by 11.59 PM HOL Time on September 20, 2015. Each participating person can send three entries in. The first place winner will receive 100 beans, second place receives 75 beans, and third place receives 50. Each participant will receive 10 beans per entry.

We look forward to seeing your entries!


#1Sakura Watanabe's AvatarSakura Watanabe ( 403 days 1 hour ago)


#2Prof. Hailey Potter's AvatarProf. Hailey Potter ( 950 days 3 hours ago)

It's for everyone! Be sure to enter!

#3Hermione Brontë's AvatarHermione Brontë ( 951 days 2 hours ago)

I'm with February. Usually when the activity is for "x" house only, its stated on the post.

#4February Fortescue's AvatarFebruary Fortescue ( 951 days 3 hours ago)

It doesn't specifically say, but from looking at the last issue of the Paw Print it looks like those of us from any house can submit in almost any category, so I am thinking you can submit a logo. I'm just a first year, though.

#5Cliodna Levebre's AvatarCliodna Levebre ( 953 days 22 hours ago)

Excuse me, I'm a new student.. I just want to make sure. Is this a contest for Gryffindor students only?