November 2007 News I

Congratulations to Gryffindor on their recent Quidditch win over Hufflepuff House! The next match, between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, is scheduled for Saturday, 10 November.

The HOL Book Club has officially re-opened its gates!

Students are encouraged to read the revised IRC guidelines.

Congratulations to the winners of September and October's Hufflepuff House Spirit Awards!

The November issue of Ravenclaw House's newspaper, the Alte Sententiam, is now online!

There's a new project in the HOL Library, the HOL school song.

Congratulations to Zia Stonebury and Castora Grimsby, recipients of the Pen Pal Club's Friend to All award for October!

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#1Visa Nur's AvatarVisa Nur ( 2685 days 9 hours ago)

Congratulations to everyone

#2Simon Wang's AvatarSimon Wang ( 2822 days 10 hours ago)

Congratulations to winners :)

#3Mandy Meyer's AvatarMandy Meyer ( 2825 days 19 hours ago)

This sounds like so much fun. I really hope that we get to do the School song project again at some point this year. Also, congratulations to everyone that has won an award.

#4Pepe Garese's AvatarPepe Garese ( 2838 days 1 hour ago)