The Call for PiTs

And what is a PiT, you may well ask? Well, a PiT is a Prefect in Training in Ravenclaw House (more accurately, a Reserve Prefect in Training, but RPiT sounded too much like armpit and, well, I digress) ...

PiTs are those who, if accepted after a rigourous training regimen, move on to the ranks of Reserve Prefect. It is from those ranks that new, full-fledged Prefects are chosen. So if this sounds like something you would wish to accomplish in your time here at HOL, this is the place to start!

If you have been a member of HOL and Ravenclaw since at least December of 2008 and are interested in applying, please send your application to me ( In the application, tell me why you think you would make an excellent Reserve Prefect, what activities you are involved in at HOL, classes you have taken in the past, how much time a week you can devote to HOL and Ravenclaw, and anything else you think is pertinent. I will be accepting applications until Saturday, 27 June. Please be aware, however, that simply applying for PiT-hood does not guarantee you will be accepted to Reserve status. Remember -- many will enter, few will win (or something like that)!

After I receive the applications, you will be turned over to the tender mercies of Head Prefect Alexia Riaper (*evil chuckle*) and she will take over your training from there.

Prof. Rhiannon Llewellyn

Ravenclaw Newsletter

Clicky on the handsome Dalek :)

Oh well, what can we do? We are bored.

So yah, another Alte Sententiam issue.

Go read it, please? Maybe it will be good this time, if not, just blame Cassie as usual.

Ravenclaw Newsletter

And the Eagle goes to…

It’s that special time of year when as part of RPM (Ravenclaw Pride Month) members of Ravenclaw House are rewarded for their dedication, their hard work, and their quirky and weird ways. Yes, it is time to bestow the Eagle awards to a group of deserving eagles. The full list of awards can be found

Congratulations to all winners!

RPM Week 3: Wanted - Personal Ads

Need a fairy godmother? Want a knight in shining armor to save you from the monstrous dragon? Want a damsel-in-distress to save? If you're looking for various people willing to do tasks for you, then send in a request! The local fairy newspaper is now taking personal advertisements for fairy-tale needs. If you're seeking for a potioneer, then send a request! If you're missing your pet hippogriff, send us a picture of your pet for a "lost" ad!

The newspaper is taking both graphics and text ads. You can view examples of both below.

1) "Wanted. Beautiful, talented princess in need of real prince. Must be willing to laugh in the face of great danger. Preferably star-material. Toads need not apply."

2) "Skilled hunter needed for ridding loserface infestations. Please include words-per-minute record, and send all applications to the Fantastic One."


(Make sure your graphics are no larger than 400x400. And please DO NOT animate them!)

You can send one or the other, or both! We are taking ads until Sunday, March 29, at 11.59 pm HOL. Please send all personal ads to with "RPM Task 3" as a heading.

Happy ad-making/concocting!


The new issue of Alte Sententiam is up, go read it... now!

'cause I say so :P

And Cassie says it is amazing >_>

And yes, this is a CONCISE blog post.

Ravenclaw Pride Month

Did someone mention Ravenclaw Pride Month?! It's one of the most amazing times of the year in the Roost.

Of course, after a short debating, RPM this year would have a Fairy Tale theme! (And yah, I don't believe in fairies but was outnumbered).

So, while walking through the "enchanted" forests, I've heard rumours about kissing toads, Eagles in fairy tales, and did someone mention Hansel and Gretel? And I thought I saw a bunch of Eagles sitting over there giggling... Will this be the year that the Prince and Princess of Ravenclaw are crowned?

Anyways... our first task:

In accordance to Royal Decree number 175, the King and Queen of the realm of Roost, King (Emperor) Ulol and Queen Rhi, have announced that each of their two sons must find a suitable princess to be their wife. The sons, Mark Mandrake and Finn Cullen, have thus set upon the difficult task of finding suitable princesses. Daughters of the realm, we need your help. Could you be the chosen princess for one of them?

In order to find the princess who is most suited to them, the princes have chosen to mask themselves under pseudonyms. They believe that their chosen one will be able to see past this mask, and see the prince behind it. As such, for the duration of their search, they will be referred to as the Gemstone Prince and the Star Prince (in no particular order).

If you, dear maiden, believe that you could be a chosen one, we invite you to participate in this quest. Each potential princess who wishes to vie for the attention of a prince and become his chosen one, should send an email to the following address, (yes... the Realm of Roost is quite technologically savvy, thanks to one of our princes).

Your first task, dear maiden, is to identify the prince for whose heart you would like to compete, specifying either Gemstone or Star. You should identify WHY you wish to compete for this particular prince, with a short explanation. Secondly, you will have to give yourself a codename, with which you will be identified for the duration of the quest. For example, a lady wishing to win the Gemstone Prince, could identify herself as being the Emerald Princess, or the Diamond Princess, and so forth. We also ask you to explain WHY you chose that name for yourself. Please be advised, that your answers will be made public and will be read by our Bachelors in their efforts to find their perfect princess.

Following this first task, each princess will be invited to participate in a series of tasks (4 tasks, one for each week of RPM), where she will answer various questions. Based on these responses, the princes will eliminate 1-2 princesses each week, until they've found their perfect match!

Having been appointed by their Royal Highnesses to aid in the search for the next Princesses of the Roost, Addie and Rosa would like to invite all eligible princesses (meaning all Ravenclaws!) to put on their fanciest dresses, their most valuable jewels and to get ready to party. The princes await you!

All applications are due by 11.59PM HOL time, March 3rd, 2009
Remember to send those to

Alte Sententiam soars again

Yeap, the Ravenclaw amazing newspaper released a new issue for your enjoying and pleasure... not.

But at least, if you are bored, take a look at it and make the editors happy because really, who wants to read a house newspaper full with jokes and science and scarves and penguins and book reviews and poetry and brain challenges and puzzles and all that jazz?

Well.. I do. And I hope you too.

So clicky here and be amaaaaaazed!!!

The Alte Wants YOU

Ravenclaw’s Alte Sententiam invites HOL to send their ideas and submit articles for the term’s opening issue in October! Your ideas can range from articles, scientifics, poems, short stories, ads, graphics, even puzzles!

The due date for this issue’s submissions is Tuesday, September 30, so please try to contact Cassandra Lobiesk beforehand so she can let you know if your idea is approved!

Submission points will be awarded as follows:
10 points per published article
10 points per published graphic/ad

So why wait? Write us a piece and get it published in the Ravenclaw newspaper!

For all ideas/submissions, please send an email to

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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