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#1Marilla Teague's AvatarMarilla Teague (rated this 9)

Great fangs! My sister would absolutely love this costume (little vampire that she is).

#2Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 7)

The pictures aren't the best quality and while I do like the costume and the pumpkin, I think you could have done something better. :)

#3Ryan Granger's AvatarRyan Granger (rated this 7)

This is a new costume I haven't seen before. The text is a little hard to read. But still good job.

#4Bere Lee's AvatarBere Lee (rated this 7)

a scary costume of yours. the fangs look scary. i liek the pupkin shining underneath the photo

#5Alex Night's AvatarAlex Night (rated this 10)

i love your costume, its so cool. Very spooky. The fangs asre super cool. are those the kind that are attached together, the kind you get as a prize at being good at skiball, or the kind that are suposed to look like actual fangs?

#6Caroline Granger's AvatarCaroline Granger (rated this 7)

funny but weird. it's really looks like a woman vampire. but great

#7Jinxy Jo's AvatarJinxy Jo (rated this 8)

Your costume looks great! I love the pumpkin at the bottom!

#8Hermionie Miranda 's AvatarHermionie Miranda (rated this 6)

I'm afraid this picture isn't scary enough for me. But nice try.

#9Leona Sapphire 's AvatarLeona Sapphire (rated this 8)

Wow, your costume is fun!
Like your fangs...~,+

#10Ann Ong's AvatarAnn Ong (rated this 7)

You really scare me with your sharp fangs. lol

#11Rosalin Wood's AvatarRosalin Wood (rated this 9)

Happy Halloween to you and really funny (eh scary of cause) looking fangs! :)

#12Arielle Lemoyne's AvatarArielle Lemoyne (rated this 8)

Nice costume! Although the picture quality could be a little better. The pumpkin looks really good!

#13Samantha Lykins's AvatarSamantha Lykins (rated this 5)

Does not see like much was put into this. The pumpkin is cute.

#14Nodoka Phoenix's AvatarNodoka Phoenix (rated this 8)

Yay! Someone finally posted haha. Nice vampire outfit. Makes me want to make sure I cover my neck

#15Ely Granger's AvatarEly Granger (rated this 6)

Oh, the first submission after days ! Good job, but the quality of the pictures is really ... horrible !

#16Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 7)

Nice halloween costume and I like your fangs, looks really scary. Good work.

#17Amanda P. X. Sim's AvatarAmanda P. X. Sim (rated this 7)

Aha, finally a first submission! :D Nice one... You must look scary in the dark with those fangs... Happy Halloween...

#18Scarlet Leslie's AvatarScarlet Leslie (rated this 8)

I love your fangs!! Awesome costume! I'll be sure to stay away from you on Halloween :D