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#1Estella Ravenscroft's AvatarEstella Ravenscroft (rated this 8)

Well, I love the spraying effect! I like it, good job.

#2Marguerite Davenport's AvatarMarguerite Davenport (rated this 6)

It's very nice but the words are quite hard to read. You might want to think about a different effect.

#3Carmine Melanni's AvatarCarmine Melanni (rated this 6)

The spraying effect ruins the writing and the image in general. the grey writing is not very great with the rest of teh colours

#4Nodoka Phoenix's AvatarNodoka Phoenix (rated this 6)

The random spritz of spray would have been a cool effect had they not covered the wording. As someone who suffers from a bit of color-blindness, that color is too close to the color used for your font, and it makes it very difficult to read.

#5Sirithre Leylnn's AvatarSirithre Leylnn (rated this 3)

Excellent logo concept, but needs some touching up.
Too much spray. Text hard to read.

#6Rachel Selenia's AvatarRachel Selenia (rated this 5)

I like the logo, but there's too much spray paint... The text "Barcelona" is also hard to read.

#7Violet Rubert's AvatarViolet Rubert (rated this 7)

Would've been better without all the spray paint. I would suggest next time put the spray paint in the back and a speckle on the front not to block out the text. But still good job!

#8Christy Zurbuchen's AvatarChristy Zurbuchen (rated this 7)

I like how it all matches....but maybe..a little less..spray painty?
Otherwise it's pretty good :)

#9Ashling Hurst's AvatarAshling Hurst (rated this 5)

The logo is good, but would be even better if the writing was more legible

#10Neville Prongs's AvatarNeville Prongs (rated this 6)

It is difficult to read, but you at least tried to create something, which is wonderful.

#11Christine Draconadore's AvatarChristine Draconadore (rated this 6)

It's really cute, but 'Barcelona' is a bit difficult to read. I love the corner though! :]

#12Indizzle Andromeda's AvatarIndizzle Andromeda (rated this 5)

The writing isn't clear enough. It might have been work if you loose theshade.

#13Vanity Davis's AvatarVanity Davis (rated this 7)

Good job! I quite like the logo. However, the text is a bit hard to read.

#14Bere Lee's AvatarBere Lee (rated this 8)

nice job, a creative way of showing the logo.

#15Ely Granger's AvatarEly Granger (rated this 6)

I don't think that Barcelona is so... explosive!!!

#16Iris B. Bagshot's AvatarIris B. Bagshot (rated this 6)

good--- creative and the symbol in the corner is cute

#17Ben Bratton's AvatarBen Bratton (rated this 7)

As others noted, a bit fuzzy. I would make the word "barclona" a bitt darker. Good effort!

#18Dionne Dale's AvatarDionne Dale (rated this 7)

The writings could hardly be read, but it looks good anyway.

#19Adriane Charday's AvatarAdriane Charday (rated this 7)

Yes, I agree. The writing isn't the best.

#20Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 7)

writing is not clear, but it looks grate!

#21Adelline Aldridge's AvatarAdelline Aldridge (rated this 7)

I like the idea, and it looks to me like you spent time on it. :) My favorite kind of graphic is one that you take time to edit, and make unique, so I really enjoy this one. ^^ Keep at it!

#22Layla Wolf's AvatarLayla Wolf (rated this 5)

The writing isn't very clear, and its a bit fuzzy, but the use of the bomb does work.

#23Albus Black's AvatarAlbus Black (rated this 9)

I like i really like this is very cool nicely done

#24Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 6)

The dots make it a bit difficult to read, but nice work

#25Castora Grimsby's AvatarCastora Grimsby (rated this 7)

Good choice of colors and I like that you made them their own flag too!

#26Paris Zaimis's AvatarParis Zaimis (rated this 6)

Difficult to read but generally fine.

#27Colm Scar's AvatarColm Scar (rated this 3)

It is extremely red and hard to read.I couldnt even really see the word Barcelona but it is still quite creative.

#28Annabel Eliza Lee's AvatarAnnabel Eliza Lee (rated this 6)

I like the bright colours in this. The words don't stand out as well as they could be.

#29Tarma Black's AvatarTarma Black (rated this 7)

Kind of blurry to read but I like the 'idea'.

#30Allison Jameson's AvatarAllison Jameson (rated this 7)

This is quite unique, I like the spraying. :) A wee bit hard to read, but a very nice job. :)

#31Hazzell Carbaugh's AvatarHazzell Carbaugh (rated this 4)

its blurred in places and its hard to read

#32Coryphee Etoile's AvatarCoryphee Etoile (rated this 7)

Hmmm... I haven't seen anything quite like this, so I give you many points for creativity. However, the contrast is rather poor.

#33Aaron Damian Micheals's AvatarAaron Damian Micheals (rated this 7)

#34Aaron Kingsley's AvatarAaron Kingsley (rated this 6)

#35Genevieve Leshire's AvatarGenevieve Leshire (rated this 6)

I find it a bit hard to read... but you did a good job!

#36Lily Padfoot's AvatarLily Padfoot (rated this 5)

The fuzzy texture is unique, though it does blur the text a little too much in parts.

#37Imogen Loveless's AvatarImogen Loveless (rated this 6)

i cant really read the words but its great!

#38Jacques Preux's AvatarJacques Preux (rated this 4)

Nice design but the letters are hard to read.

#39Jason Jakcson's AvatarJason Jakcson (rated this 6)

It could do with some 'effects' you know what I mean? This one is like too simple. Maybe its just me and my tastes, but good try nevertheless. Keep it up and get better :)

#40Nikkie Skyler's AvatarNikkie Skyler (rated this 7)

Really cool, but the letters are a little bit hard to read.

#41Lilly Stargazer's AvatarLilly Stargazer (rated this 5)

The colors and the ideas are good, but the writing is a bit hard to read.

#42Rantie Albeveruta's AvatarRantie Albeveruta (rated this 5)

It's g0od,buT too red . . .
DifficuLt for me to read the text. . .

#43Darcey Goode's AvatarDarcey Goode (rated this 6)

I like the idea, but it's a bit difficult to read with the spray effect over the text.

#44Alex Night's AvatarAlex Night (rated this 5)

I'd have to agree with regina on this one.

#45Elladora Sykes's AvatarElladora Sykes (rated this 6)

The airbrush effect makes it a bit busy and hard to read

#46Regina Decarterette's AvatarRegina Decarterette (rated this 4)

Its good, but there was an overboard on the airbrush, which is distracting.

#47Patricia Lestrange's AvatarPatricia Lestrange (rated this 7)


#48Niniel Sanders's AvatarNiniel Sanders (rated this 4)

I quite like the colours, maybe use the airbrus before you put the flag in the right corner and the text in front for better readability. Otherwise it's quite good.

#49Eno Thomas's AvatarEno Thomas (rated this 4)

Difficult to read and also the quality isn't that good

#50Sandra Restrepo's AvatarSandra Restrepo (rated this 2)

It´s dificult to read. The font doesn´t match with the background.

#51Rowan Dream's AvatarRowan Dream (rated this 7)

I like it since you took the time to make it in paint and I know that program can be a pain.

As so many already said “Barcelona” is not so readable but if we make a little effort and if we put on our glasses it is fine <33

So kudos on your work and especially the flag

#52Katie Gryffin's AvatarKatie Gryffin (rated this 7)

It's good, but seems like a bit of a copy of the Chuddley Cannons.

#53Risa Swan's AvatarRisa Swan (rated this 7)

hmm the words of barcelona bombers should be more colorful. ;) But the rest is great, I loved the yellow BB.

#54Babe BelaFonte's AvatarBabe BelaFonte (rated this 8)

I absolutely love the colors! The gray is a little hard to read but if it was a darker gray and easier to read, I'd probably give this a 10.

#55Gabrielle Cadeaux's AvatarGabrielle Cadeaux (rated this 5)

This is good except the Barcelona is hard to read. The flag is a nice touch but the second B is awkwardly placed.

#56Zen McGregor's AvatarZen McGregor (rated this 6)

I think this one is cute, but sprays were unnecessary... also, the "Barcelona" word is VERY difficult to read.

#57Ririez Sawamura's AvatarRiriez Sawamura (rated this 5)

love the colors. but i don't like the grey 1. i agree with drizzt aand rosalin..

#58Rosalin Wood's AvatarRosalin Wood (rated this 6)

I like the colors and your idea except the grey word. I had to take a realy close look, to see.

#59Drizzt Viri's AvatarDrizzt Viri (rated this 5)

I thought it was nice, but I have to get very close to the screen to see what it says.

#60Blake Phoenix's AvatarBlake Phoenix (rated this 9)

I like it very much because I understood the words...

#61Florentine Awen's AvatarFlorentine Awen (rated this 3)

#62Joel Aireserkeiel's AvatarJoel Aireserkeiel (rated this 5)

I like the concept, and i certainly love the flag on the top right side. But, the spray thing doesn't go with it. Nice try!

#63Jessalyn Norton's AvatarJessalyn Norton (rated this 7)

I like the color choice but the text is difficult to read. I believe that the grainy appearance was a desired effect, but I find that it deters from the otherwise wonderful job that you did. Nice work.

#64Jenzi Darkstone's AvatarJenzi Darkstone (rated this 6)

Nice choice of colours and a very good effort.

#65Kadina Tigano's AvatarKadina Tigano (rated this 5)

I like the idea, but as others have said, it is a bit hard to read at quick glance

#66Elaine Hedgewick's AvatarElaine Hedgewick (rated this 6)

I like it! A bit hard to read, but good. =)

#67Jinxy Jo's AvatarJinxy Jo (rated this 7)

I like the colours and stuff but I agree with others about the fuzzy spray thing. Although it does give the effect off a bomb... I think! :)

#68Hedwig Potter's AvatarHedwig Potter (rated this 6)

Cool idea, like Zoki said. Just needed to be applied better.

#69Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 6)

I like the idea, though it's a bit too fuzzy. I think it could have been a tad bit better, although it's good. (:

#70Kira Padfoot's AvatarKira Padfoot (rated this 4)

Too hard to read. But the bombs are cool.

#71Therese Prewett's AvatarTherese Prewett (rated this 6)

The writing is a little hard to read but I like the colors you used.

#72Luna Jecklewood's AvatarLuna Jecklewood (rated this 5)

I like your idea.. but you should have but the writing on top so it's easier to read ;)

#73Sara Lovegood's AvatarSara Lovegood (rated this 5)

Hard to read, but good effort.

#74Athena Vanigan's AvatarAthena Vanigan (rated this 5)

Difficult to read.
Great bombs though!

#75BeckyJay Winchester's AvatarBeckyJay Winchester (rated this 5)

I agree with everyone else.
I love the concept of it all, but it is slightly hard to read.
Great effort though

#76Aishari Cargi Rishi's AvatarAishari Cargi Rishi (rated this 9)

go! go! bombers!

I Love The Bombs too...

#77Serenity Thomas's AvatarSerenity Thomas (rated this 7)

I really like everything about it except the spraying effect you used. I think if you got rid of that, it would have been much better. Good job though!

#78Zelda Lionhart's AvatarZelda Lionhart (rated this 6)

Not bad, but it took me a while to read Barcelona word

#79Corazie FitzWarin's AvatarCorazie FitzWarin (rated this 4)

It's a little difficult to read. I LOVE the bombs though :)

#80Valerie Whitney's AvatarValerie Whitney (rated this 7)

Great colors and the bombs are cute. A little hard to read though.

#81Kyrie Adderholt's AvatarKyrie Adderholt (rated this 7)

I love the colors and the bombs, but like as many people have said, it is a bit difficult to read.

#82Abigail Chalmers's AvatarAbigail Chalmers (rated this 8)

woot! go bombers!
boom boom pow :)

love it, though a bit hard to read

#83Angela Franco's AvatarAngela Franco (rated this 7)

lovely colors but difficult to read

#84Bytes Darkrose's AvatarBytes Darkrose (rated this 9)

Love the flag and the colours.

Good Job :D

#85Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 6)

Nice attempt, but wordings a bit difficult to read.

#86Tara Aurelium's AvatarTara Aurelium (rated this 6)

Go go Bombers!

It's a lovely attempt, but it's pretty difficult to read and it very...fuzzy. The flag is a nice touch *nods*

#87Kylie Joel Lonerins's AvatarKylie Joel Lonerins (rated this 7)

I love the background color and the flag.
Though, the text should be more
bold and clear so it become readable.

Good job, anyway! :)

#88Danni-Luna Starchild's AvatarDanni-Luna Starchild (rated this 8)

really catchy design but a bit hard to read

#89Ardeliah Longbottom's AvatarArdeliah Longbottom (rated this 8)

Not bad for the first one I've seen. My only complaint is that the word Barcelona is hard to read. I like the flag in the corner though.

#90Melinda Honeywell's AvatarMelinda Honeywell (rated this 5)

It's a bit fuzzy lloking, but very nice flag!

#91Alex Tendder's AvatarAlex Tendder (rated this 4)

The colours are nice, but the letters should stand out more.. perhaps some animation would go well too.

#92Tatriana Maxwell's AvatarTatriana Maxwell (rated this 5)

It's nice, but could use some editing. Make the letters stronger, they shouldn't have the noise on them. The words will then stand out more. :)

#93Anatu Nerezza's AvatarAnatu Nerezza (rated this 5)

It's good, but as others have said, the text is hard to read.

#94Sarah Asthenia's AvatarSarah Asthenia (rated this 5)

Writing is a bit blotchy on it so it's hard to make out.

#95Teyana Winsel's AvatarTeyana Winsel (rated this 5)

It's nice. I like the flag ;)

#96Sara Swan's AvatarSara Swan (rated this 5)

Not too bad, but the letters are really hard to read, I had to take a second look.