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#1Fiona Bigglestone's AvatarFiona Bigglestone (rated this 8)

#2Thoth Van's AvatarThoth Van (rated this 6)

#3Fern Davant's AvatarFern Davant (rated this 6)

I love the small green death eater sign, but the font is slightly plain and a bit hard to read.

#4Louise Potter's AvatarLouise Potter (rated this 6)

#5Rose Maladrix's AvatarRose Maladrix (rated this 6)

It's alright,not the best though.

#6Ninim Eigren's AvatarNinim Eigren (rated this 4)

#7Sabine Wood's AvatarSabine Wood (rated this 5)


#8Jake Patil's AvatarJake Patil (rated this 6)

I like how you use the Dark Mark in this, but I think the wording could have been closer together.

#9Josh Kortos's AvatarJosh Kortos (rated this 5)

#10Beatrix Snape's AvatarBeatrix Snape (rated this 7)

very simple, I like it.

#11Iman Usman's AvatarIman Usman (rated this 7)

your icon is not bad. But i think you must give more colour.. it was so dark. dark is good. but i think.. if you give a variation.. it will be better.. and animation.. i think will made your icon better.. but actually, it was great

#12Widya Anjani's AvatarWidya Anjani (rated this 2)

#13Midnight Slater's AvatarMidnight Slater (rated this 2)

#14Olivia Charm's AvatarOlivia Charm (rated this 4)

I think this icon is too simple.

#15Darylon Walter's AvatarDarylon Walter (rated this 8)


#16Persephone Farnon's AvatarPersephone Farnon (rated this 3)

#17Johann Gutenberg's AvatarJohann Gutenberg (rated this 7)

#18Alain von Deijck's AvatarAlain von Deijck (rated this 5)

it's rather basic

#19Talya Mamush's AvatarTalya Mamush (rated this 5)

#20Layla Wolf's AvatarLayla Wolf (rated this 5)

quite plain,and the image is a bit unclear

#21Valinka Halliwel's AvatarValinka Halliwel (rated this 1)

#22Rose Alstien's AvatarRose Alstien (rated this 7)

#23Anindya Latumahina's AvatarAnindya Latumahina (rated this 6)

I think it's kind a good, but I don't agree with the colour. Why you chose black and green? Does black always related with death? It's already a good job.Keep up the good work.

#24Olivia Cromwell's AvatarOlivia Cromwell (rated this 5)

#25Alexandria Faethorne's AvatarAlexandria Faethorne (rated this 5)

I like the theme of this. The Dark Mark sets off the whole "Deathly Hallows" thing well.

#26Olive Snitzberry's AvatarOlive Snitzberry (rated this 5)

Simple, but good.

#27Klassisa Vernette's AvatarKlassisa Vernette (rated this 4)

#28Kiera Burke's AvatarKiera Burke (rated this 6)

#29Fiona Rastomony's AvatarFiona Rastomony (rated this 3)

#30Prof. Anya Chutney's AvatarProf. Anya Chutney (rated this 5)

The text is clear and easy to read. Icon doesn't demonstrate too much in the way of creative composition, however. It is an average icon--neither perfect nor imperfect. :)

#31Marcie Hobber's AvatarMarcie Hobber (rated this 5)

#32Tala Fey's AvatarTala Fey (rated this 5)

#33Ashtari Terreli's AvatarAshtari Terreli (rated this 5)

dark looking but doesn't give me the sense of a deathly hollow

#34Rorey Padfoot's AvatarRorey Padfoot (rated this 5)

#35Leora Lobel's AvatarLeora Lobel (rated this 3)

#36Lucas Thor's AvatarLucas Thor (rated this 6)

It would be 5 but the death eater mark is awesome

#37Esposito Prada's AvatarEsposito Prada (rated this 4)

#38Severia Strictus's AvatarSeveria Strictus (rated this 7)

Comment removed by HOL Arts Administration

#39Annastasia Bee's AvatarAnnastasia Bee (rated this 3)

#40Serenity Skye's AvatarSerenity Skye (rated this 4)

#41Jocelyn Hook's AvatarJocelyn Hook (rated this 5)

#42Isis Wingedbee's AvatarIsis Wingedbee (rated this 6)

#43Ireth Halliwell's AvatarIreth Halliwell (rated this 3)

#44Jenny Lupin's AvatarJenny Lupin (rated this 2)

While the dark mark is a good touch, I thought it was very plan and could have had more elaboration.

#45Donna Dracodine's AvatarDonna Dracodine (rated this 4)


#46Arya Avery's AvatarArya Avery (rated this 6)

Too dark

#47Emilor MacKinnon's AvatarEmilor MacKinnon (rated this 5)

I don't see how the dark mark illustrates the "deathly hallows"

#48Zuvona Miska's AvatarZuvona Miska (rated this 7)

#49Johnathan Myrie's AvatarJohnathan Myrie (rated this 4)

#50Rika Safrina's AvatarRika Safrina (rated this 3)

#51Jenny Willsburry's AvatarJenny Willsburry (rated this 5)

It needs more, oh, what can I say! It needs more color, more enthusiasm!

#52Breanna Abernethy's AvatarBreanna Abernethy (rated this 4)

I like the colors but some of the font is a bit too small...

#53Kira Tanith's AvatarKira Tanith (rated this 7)

#54Emmy Rose Sanders's AvatarEmmy Rose Sanders (rated this 9)

#55Jonathan Seal's AvatarJonathan Seal (rated this 6)

A bit to usual

#56Buffy Potter's AvatarBuffy Potter (rated this 5)

#57Emma Bott's AvatarEmma Bott (rated this 3)

#58Amanda Summers's AvatarAmanda Summers (rated this 6)

#59Stella Noge's AvatarStella Noge (rated this 4)

It's kind of plain.

#60Spring Somes's AvatarSpring Somes (rated this 5)

I love those colors

#61Xavier Dalen's AvatarXavier Dalen (rated this 6)

I like the Dark Mark. but i think that it could have had mroe to it

#62Ilona Littrell's AvatarIlona Littrell (rated this 3)

#63Raphaela Guoan's AvatarRaphaela Guoan (rated this 7)

Very cool, but I think it should have something else to more graphics or something.

#64Gela Gnarkill's AvatarGela Gnarkill (rated this 5)

#65Silvia Chang's AvatarSilvia Chang (rated this 6)

#66Stephanie Pot's AvatarStephanie Pot (rated this 5)

#67Chloe Lamorte's AvatarChloe Lamorte (rated this 5)

#68Cosmo Brown's AvatarCosmo Brown (rated this 5)

#69Michael Punte's AvatarMichael Punte (rated this 5)

#70Maddy Punte's AvatarMaddy Punte (rated this 4)

#71Prof. Pezzie Wolfe's AvatarProf. Pezzie Wolfe (rated this 5)

Simple and basic, easy on the eyes. XD

#72Eddie Valon's AvatarEddie Valon (rated this 4)

#73Alinda Locke's AvatarAlinda Locke (rated this 7)

Very nice. I like the graphic on the side.

#74Ben Relina's AvatarBen Relina (rated this 7)

Oh, I love the green-on-black, of course, and you gotta love the dark mark. But... well, it's too plain, you know?

#75Colywoble Kirkley's AvatarColywoble Kirkley (rated this 1)

#76Crystal Newbury's AvatarCrystal Newbury (rated this 1)

#77Pit Ermione's AvatarPit Ermione (rated this 3)

#78Orphen Eyeless Cain's AvatarOrphen Eyeless Cain (rated this 3)

#79Oleg Kamerat's AvatarOleg Kamerat (rated this 10)

Nice colors!

#80Ernie Macelvain's AvatarErnie Macelvain (rated this 9)

wow, this is preety good!

#81Adele James's AvatarAdele James (rated this 1)

#82Corfien Calais's AvatarCorfien Calais (rated this 3)

#83Katherine May's AvatarKatherine May (rated this 5)

I would have liked to have seen some more creativity put into it. Something to make it just a little more interesting.

#84Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 5)

#85Aeriis Terrel's AvatarAeriis Terrel (rated this 7)

I like it, it's very nice.

#86Chloe Moon's AvatarChloe Moon (rated this 5)

#87Prof. Charles Pendragon's AvatarProf. Charles Pendragon (rated this 5)

#88Vanessa Starling's AvatarVanessa Starling (rated this 5)

#89Pandora May's AvatarPandora May (rated this 5)

#90Alexia Riaper's AvatarAlexia Riaper (rated this 8)

#91Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 4)

Cannot see the words clearly.

#92Chryseis McSylvester's AvatarChryseis McSylvester (rated this 5)

#93Iselilja Mira Mickelsdottir's AvatarIselilja Mira Mickelsdottir (rated this 6)

#94Julia Weflynn's AvatarJulia Weflynn (rated this 5)

#95Rian Pelerand's AvatarRian Pelerand (rated this 5)

#96Amber Woodlock's AvatarAmber Woodlock (rated this 5)

Very mysterious :)

#97Persephone Shadows's AvatarPersephone Shadows (rated this 5)

hmmm....i see that in the sky on a night at the beginning of book 7...

#98Allison Prencer's AvatarAllison Prencer (rated this 5)

#99Winnifred Seas's AvatarWinnifred Seas (rated this 8)

cool dark mark!

#100Penny Hung's AvatarPenny Hung (rated this 5)

#101Rowan Nazz's AvatarRowan Nazz (rated this 5)

#102Ashley Forog's AvatarAshley Forog (rated this 6)

#103Lalaith Lomion's AvatarLalaith Lomion (rated this 5)

I like the colors, but the composition doesn't convince me very much. Then I don't like very much the font used.

#104Tiffany Styles's AvatarTiffany Styles (rated this 3)

#105Rocky Rinato's AvatarRocky Rinato (rated this 5)

#106Chloe Fairchilde's AvatarChloe Fairchilde (rated this 4)

Rather plain, the colors are effective, though,

#107Anastasia Chang's AvatarAnastasia Chang (rated this 3)

make a little scary

#108India Jolly's AvatarIndia Jolly (rated this 7)

#109Mafalda Clearwater's AvatarMafalda Clearwater (rated this 5)

#110Momoko Asakura's AvatarMomoko Asakura (rated this 5)

#111Serenity Thomas's AvatarSerenity Thomas (rated this 5)

#112Molly Pegg's AvatarMolly Pegg (rated this 7)

#113Madeline McClafferty's AvatarMadeline McClafferty (rated this 5)

#114Askeron Kyle's AvatarAskeron Kyle (rated this 7)

#115Prof. Dom Gaidin's AvatarProf. Dom Gaidin (rated this 5)

#116Prof. Ceit Uiseag's AvatarProf. Ceit Uiseag (rated this 5)

#117Bev Grey's AvatarBev Grey (rated this 7)

#118Aili Raja's AvatarAili Raja (rated this 8)

#119Maya Winters's AvatarMaya Winters (rated this 5)

Might just be a personal thing, but whilst I like the icon, in general I prefer ones with maybe a bit more going on background wise

#120Melody Greenspell's AvatarMelody Greenspell (rated this 5)

#121Ashlee Sully's AvatarAshlee Sully (rated this 6)

Nice and simple, I like it!

#122Marie Thenes's AvatarMarie Thenes (rated this 5)

It's quite plain, but I like the Death Mark. :)

#123Sycyla Rose's AvatarSycyla Rose (rated this 7)

#124Faye Roderick's AvatarFaye Roderick (rated this 5)

#125Elyranna Reginhart's AvatarElyranna Reginhart (rated this 1)

Sorry, I think this lack of...everything.

#126Brenna Westfeld's AvatarBrenna Westfeld (rated this 5)

It's a great first attempt, but there is a lot of unused space that you could work with.

#127Lorelai Lavington's AvatarLorelai Lavington (rated this 6)

#128Prof. Iruel Riddle's AvatarProf. Iruel Riddle (rated this 6)

#129Malacai Micheals's AvatarMalacai Micheals (rated this 9)

#130Claire Sebastian's AvatarClaire Sebastian (rated this 6)

#131Prof. Ben Quaddler's AvatarProf. Ben Quaddler (rated this 6)

Very... neon green. Maybe the text could have been a bit more interesting?

#132Tarma Black's AvatarTarma Black (rated this 4)

#133Rose Hanson's AvatarRose Hanson (rated this 5)

I like the mark on the side.

#134Prof. Rhiannon Llewellyn's AvatarProf. Rhiannon Llewellyn (rated this 5)

#135Chelsea Troy's AvatarChelsea Troy (rated this 2)

it's just not very creative

#136Neville Prongs's AvatarNeville Prongs (rated this 6)

#137Prof. Esmerelda Knotwise's AvatarProf. Esmerelda Knotwise (rated this 5)

Not very exciting and a little plain.

#138Meara OBannon's AvatarMeara OBannon (rated this 5)

#139Prof. Angelus Darklost's AvatarProf. Angelus Darklost (rated this 4)

#140Mairead Falcourt's AvatarMairead Falcourt (rated this 3)

writting is too small

#141Severus McGonagall's AvatarSeverus McGonagall (rated this 5)

Really cool!

#142Jessica Summers's AvatarJessica Summers (rated this 6)

#143Prof. Ruben Orion's AvatarProf. Ruben Orion (rated this 3)

#144Jared Weasley's AvatarJared Weasley (rated this 6)

#145Pixel Ouais's AvatarPixel Ouais (rated this 3)

#146Dormiens Nunquam's AvatarDormiens Nunquam (rated this 5)

#147Sandra Bloomwicks's AvatarSandra Bloomwicks (rated this 6)

Green snakey/skull effect is very Dark Mark like, I like that. And the colors contrast nicely, they happen to by my favorite two colors.

#148Ginny Wotters's AvatarGinny Wotters (rated this 6)

Wow! That's very related to the topic and it gives me a very subtle, but noticable feeling of something spooky that is going to happen. The only critiquing comment I have is that it's very plain.

#149Prof. Paddy O'Brien's AvatarProf. Paddy O'Brien (rated this 4)

#150Morag McQueen's AvatarMorag McQueen (rated this 6)

#151Prof. Tambaqui Balthazar's AvatarProf. Tambaqui Balthazar (rated this 3)

I voted 3 because, its too basic and I am not being *wowed* by this icon. Its pretty much lacking creativity in this department.

#152Ayahzy Nahki's AvatarAyahzy Nahki (rated this 6)

#153Eve Shay's AvatarEve Shay (rated this 5)

#154Phedre Montreve's AvatarPhedre Montreve (rated this 3)

#155Belle Rain's AvatarBelle Rain (rated this 3)

#156Rori Smith's AvatarRori Smith (rated this 7)

boring but cool.

#157Prof. Ulol Kimil's AvatarProf. Ulol Kimil (rated this 4)

#158Adelline Aldridge's AvatarAdelline Aldridge (rated this 6)

#159Ani Snape's AvatarAni Snape (rated this 6)

#160Lydia Ellis's AvatarLydia Ellis (rated this 9)

#161Prof. Olivia Rictusempra's AvatarProf. Olivia Rictusempra (rated this 6)

#162Thaliasta McGreave's AvatarThaliasta McGreave (rated this 5)

Basic, but nice effect. :)

#163Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 5)

#164Debora Lovelace's AvatarDebora Lovelace (rated this 3)

#165Merry Notters's AvatarMerry Notters (rated this 5)

So-much-black. I like it otherwise. :D

#166Niniel Sanders's AvatarNiniel Sanders (rated this 5)

#167Plixen Kahne's AvatarPlixen Kahne (rated this 8)

#168Nassa Dikaios's AvatarNassa Dikaios (rated this 4)

#169Gypsy Ardor's AvatarGypsy Ardor (rated this 6)

#170Prof. Emerald Dybendahl's AvatarProf. Emerald Dybendahl (rated this 4)