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#1Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black (rated this 10)

OH MY GOSH. Is this perfect or what? What a very Valentiny sort of card and love the looks on the faces too. HA!

#2Rosalind Cerebellum's AvatarRosalind Cerebellum (rated this 10)

I love the comic book style and colors!

#3Cecilie Panache's AvatarCecilie Panache (rated this 10)

Looks very painterly and I love the font!

#4Prof. Jacques Vodney's AvatarProf. Jacques Vodney (rated this 9)

Nice! I really like the style you chose to use.

#5Lavinia Rookwood's AvatarLavinia Rookwood (rated this 10)

This is really nice! Love the coloring.

#6Ariella McManus's AvatarAriella McManus (rated this 10)

Totally cool graphic; love the comic book feel of it.

#7Arielle Lemoyne's AvatarArielle Lemoyne (rated this 10)

Very cool! I can't say I know what the image is about, but the graphic looks amazing, and it's a very sweet saying.

#8Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow (rated this 9)

I really like this submission and the tag line is awesome. Good job.

#9Kim Alting's AvatarKim Alting (rated this 8)

I really like the picture. Like Artemisia said, it's comic book-like.

#10Polaris Black's AvatarPolaris Black (rated this 10)

This is very apropos - I wouldn't change a thing!!!

#11Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis's AvatarProf. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis (rated this 10)

No, thank you for existing. Perfect image and lovely font! (I thought you were kidding when you said you submitted something.)

#12Artemisia Delacroix's AvatarArtemisia Delacroix (rated this 8)

I kind of get a comic book feeling out of this and it's pretty awesome. The only thing that bugs me is the positioning of Johansson's forehead. It makes it look like a widow's peak. Ohhh I see what you did there...

#13Prof. Zoki Phantom's AvatarProf. Zoki Phantom (rated this 9)

Awesome design and a fitting font. A short and straightforward message which I wholeheartedly second. I think the text seems a bit weird because it overlaps with the image in the heart shape, but other than that great stuff.

#14Prof. Dario Brighton's AvatarProf. Dario Brighton (rated this 10)

Awwwwww, this is really precious. I think I like the font the most.