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Ratings and Comments

#1Aeonyx Verrier's AvatarAeonyx Verrier (rated this 7)

Tom is adorable here but I feel like you've tried to put too many things on the picture. I don't know where to look!

#2Amanda P. X. Sim's AvatarAmanda P. X. Sim (rated this 9)

If anything Draco seems really happy in here, never seen him this happy and it's not a smirk. Guess your artwork did it.

#3Caroline Winters's AvatarCaroline Winters (rated this 7)

Kind of cute, but creepy as well [:(

#4Demelza Westwood's AvatarDemelza Westwood (rated this 8)

Such an adorable card! I agree with the previous comments though, the cake is a little bit bright.

#5Jacqualine Snape's AvatarJacqualine Snape (rated this 9)

A nice card I could well imagine Millicent Bulstrode sending it.

#6Jay Black's AvatarJay Black (rated this 7)

Absolutely love the Slytherin shield in the background. It would be very cool if the cake colour matched the rest a little more.

#7Will Lestrange's AvatarWill Lestrange (rated this 8)

Everything seems to blend together fairly well except for the candles on the cake.

#8Mae Fiddler's AvatarMae Fiddler (rated this 8)

I think this is adorable. Maybe the cake could have been a bit less present, if it was adjusted to the other colours, but I really like the card anyways.

#9Nico Coer's AvatarNico Coer (rated this 7)

The cake is a little discongruous to the rest of the card, which has a tighter color scheme

#10Patricia Cleary's AvatarPatricia Cleary (rated this 9)

I love the cake and all the fonts used!

#11Alex Sparks's AvatarAlex Sparks (rated this 8)

This is so cute. I like the fact it's a card for Draco, and the composition as well :)

#12Amerita MacLeod's AvatarAmerita MacLeod (rated this 8)

Very cute. Loved the text as well and loved the fact that you used a pic of a smiling Draco!

#13Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow (rated this 10)

I really like this and not just because it's a card for a Slytherin. I think my favourite bit is how you chose for the Draco Malfoy text to overlap the happy birthday, it's a nice touch.

#14Aryka Hensley's AvatarAryka Hensley (rated this 8)

Wow! I never thought I would see Draco smile!

Great work! It is very well done!

#15Ian Carson's AvatarIan Carson (rated this 6)

I agree with Ariella, the letters are a bit hard to read and the placement seems a bit of.

#16Atalinn Copeii-Devilsnare's AvatarAtalinn Copeii-Devilsnare (rated this 8)

I actually like the text, thought it went well with the background. However, I thought the cake was a little misplaced... maybe too cheerful for a slinky slytherin friend??

#17Lavinia Rookwood's AvatarLavinia Rookwood (rated this 8)

I think the snake is a bit misplace and the lettering is a little hard to read, but overall it looks good. Maybe make it a little brighter next time?

#18Allyson Celestra's AvatarAllyson Celestra (rated this 10)

It's wonderful and adorable. I'm totally not just saying that because it involves Draco Malfoy. >_> I love the colors and the cake is very nicely done. Great job! ^.^

#19Ariella McManus's AvatarAriella McManus (rated this 7)

Wow, Draco sure is getting a lot of cake for his birthday! Very nicely done. The lettering was a little hard to read, and I didn't particularly like the placement of it, but the overall picture itself was good.