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#1Lavinia Rookwood's AvatarLavinia Rookwood (rated this 9)

Really cute and clever, very funny!

#2Ariella McManus's AvatarAriella McManus (rated this 9)

I love the coloring and font a lot. The wording is very witty and I particularly like the hotline..nice touch!

#3Allison Sullivan's AvatarAllison Sullivan (rated this 8)

it's great!
too wordy but it's cool for detail infromation :)
the colours, it's great, it's simple, and it's reflects others colours'
well done!

#4Bere Lee's AvatarBere Lee (rated this 7)

A fine job here, I just think theres too much color for me, there are many sentences you are trying to give, but they are fine and funny, also I loved the way you put the hotline in case of anything weird. For this poster I think a border would have make it better and not so different colors. Over all nice job.

#5Dario Šehović's AvatarDario Šehović (rated this 10)

This is really great, I like the font and the colours, and the trading card in the background is a nice touch, too.

#6Alex Sparks's AvatarAlex Sparks (rated this 9)

I love the overall effect and the detail, just a little to much words, which makes it slightly uncatchy.

#7Ryan Granger's AvatarRyan Granger (rated this 9)

I really like this one because it's rather funny and well well put together! I disagree with the others saying it's wordy. It gives all needed information and then a little more to make sure your paying attention. I also like the number given. It's a great touch to the poster. Wonderful Job!

#8Bailee Potter's AvatarBailee Potter (rated this 10)

this one is so cool! I love the hol hotline though, that is my favorite on the picture.

#9Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 10)

Brilliant! I love everything, from the text and the fonts you've used, to the dark mark in the background. ^^

#10Ero Nex's AvatarEro Nex (rated this 8)

Why there's a number? It's muggle way of contacting. I don't fancy the fonts nor the placement of sentences but I do love choice of colours. The background is one of the colours I really like when it comes to announcements with text. It makes almost any colour look good on it.

#11Lisette Westerveldt's AvatarLisette Westerveldt (rated this 9)

This is incredibly well-made! I love all the little details you include, but like Destri said, it looks a little too wordy. Otherwise, fantastic job!

#12Diana Jones's AvatarDiana Jones (rated this 9)

I like all of it, but my favorite parts were probably Dakeed's card in the background and the HOL office hotline! It is slightly wordy, but still terrific!

#13Destri Weasley's AvatarDestri Weasley (rated this 9)

I really like this! I love the details, like Dakeed's card in the
background, but it's a little wordy. Otherwise, great job! :)