Quidditch Game - February 18th

Image shows graphic with all four Hogwarts Houses and their mascots; the Gryffindor Lion and Slytherin Snake are highlighted
Graphic by Fumei

The Gryffindor Lions play the Slytherin Snakes on Saturday! Come watch and cheer!

When: February 18th, 9 PM HOL time
Where: #quidditch
Watch and comment in: #grandstand

A New Paw Print!

The February edition of the Paw Print is now up for viewing! Thanks to everyone who submitted. Click the image above to read!

Celebrate the magic
Image shows spines of all seven Harry Potter books. Caption reads: Harry Potter Book Festival
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Image by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Puzzle out the clues in Revelio
Image shows a sketch of a castle paired with the words “a magic school in Scotland”. This links to the relevant thread in the Slytherin Common Room.
Join us for Slytherin’s latest activity!

And no one knows, how far it goes...

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HOL House Cup 2016/17