Discussion Two- Lesson/Assignment 4

Class led by Amanda Summers
Amanda Summers
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Discussion Two- Lesson/Assignment 4

Post by Amanda Summers » Sun May 06, 2018 10:38 pm

Part C: Discussion (10 points)

In your words write any other differences and similarities between Muggle police and Auror that we have not included in the lesson. (5 points)

Do you feel that their are enough Auror's out in the community to protect and serve? Should the Ministry invest in training more Auror's to help in fighting dark wizards if another war were to happen? (5 points)

Here it is remember to earn full points each must answer each question, and also replying to others will generate discussion.
Lucy Poole
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Re: Discussion Two- Lesson/Assignment 4

Post by Lucy Poole » Mon Dec 30, 2019 7:42 pm

To me, the difference between Muggle police and Aurors is that Aurors seem more competent in what they do then the Muggle County Police. Aurors are more prepared to serve then the average Muggle police. As for the population of Aurors, I think there could be more Aurors but if people don't want to become an Auror the Ministry shouldn't force anyone. The Ministry should put some amount of effort into promoting Aurors.
Alexander Brighton
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Re: Discussion Two- Lesson/Assignment 4

Post by Alexander Brighton » Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:43 pm

One of the biggest difference between muggle police and aurors is that aurors use magic to stop the dark witches and wizards while muggle police have guns.

I think there could always be more Aurors to help the community feel safer from dark witches and wizards. There will always be dark witches and wizards that need to be caught. So I do think the Ministry should train more Aurors, especially to prevent another wizarding war from happening. The more aurors that are out there protecting the wizarding and muggle worlds, the less likely there will be another war.
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Re: Discussion Two- Lesson/Assignment 4

Post by Janie Peterson » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:10 pm

Other differences and similarities between Muggle police and Auror include the fact that Aurors are given the authority to kill Death Eaters in extreme circumstances. Also, in order to become a muggle police officer you just have to complete the program while in order to become an Auror, you must meet requirements to get into the Auror program and then complete the program. More muggle police exist that Aurors as the quota is higher.

I feel as if there are plenty of Aurors out there in the community to protect and serve! Honestly, Aurors going through strenuous training programs and I feel as if each one is capable of handling career pressure. Therefore, I figure we don't necessarily need more Aurors out there because the ones we have are fully capable of handling the amount of dark wizards that are out there. Also it is important that Aurors are kind of an exclusive community, I think. It's hard to get into and their positions should be taken seriously. If EVERYONE is an Auror, then their position won't be taken as seriously.
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