Task 7: Gifted and Talented

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Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Prof. Sky Alton »

At the centre of the fair is a large table, groaning under the weight of an assortment of items. At a glance, you can see books, telescopes, bottles of potion ingredients and batches of cookies (probably not the best idea to have those last two so close together). This is the HOL gift exchange and it’s open for business.

For this task, we’d like you to offer something for the exchange that you think might benefit another random student in the term to come and post it below. It could be something you acquired for a class you previously took (and no longer need) or something that reflects your interests (like a dessert you baked or something you knitted). You can complete this in any way you can think of: by describing the item (please do so in at least 50 words), by taking a photo of it or by creating a graphic. If you take the graphic route, please upload your picture to a graphic sharing website (like postimage or imgur) and ensure that it is no more than 600 pixels high by 600 wide. There's no need to specify a particular student to receive your gift, you're just leaving it for other people to take if it appeals.

The deadline is, as ever, 11:59 PM on September 30th!
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Bull J. Johnson »

I tie the leash of my dog to the post and give strict instructions to the person tending this booth that this is for Zoey Mitchell. Then I give my dog one last hug to say goodbye. I know that I'll miss her but I'm hoping that Zoey Mitchell will give her more love then I could at this stage in my life.
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Emily Spencer »


Everything the discerning Slyherin might need for the upcoming term. Celebrate the winter months in style and show off your house pride! I got a little too carried away with knitting, so here you go. Plus, we really DO have cookies!
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by February Fortescue »

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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Brianna Caedmon »

I walk up to the booth and put down a small notebook with the Hogwarts crest on the front and the words "Motivation for Slytherins" written beneath it. Inside the book is a collection of motivational quotes, poems and drawings curated specifically for Slytherins to keep them motivated to follow their ambitions (whether through hard work or by more cunning means) when they feel tempted to question why they work (or scheme) so hard. This collection only takes up about a quarter of the book, and on the last page used is the message “Fill this with more and leave it for another snake.”

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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Gail Allen »

Being the Ravenclaw I am, I am always finding myself drawn to all kinds of notebooks and also planners. And... well... I might have gone a little bit overboard especially in the notebooks department (seriously, I have trouble closing my school trunk at this stage)
So. I have decided to bring some of the notebooks for others to enjoy. They're mostly in A5, but there are a couple in A4 and A6 too so if you need something a little bigger or little smaller I am sure you'll still find something. Some of them are the very plain black ones with red corners that I use to decorate myself with all kinds of cutouts and maybe a little glitter (yes, glitter *is* a good thing no matter what anyone says. But there are also some with a fabric cover with embroidery on them that feel sooo soft and smooth.
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black »

Here is a circular scarf, knitted of sunshiney colours (multi-coloured yarn of bright yellow, purple, turquoise, pink, orange), for those days where you want something warm (and/or something cheerful) to wear. You can double loop it around your neck for extra warmth.

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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Prof. Will Lestrange »

I decided to leave a large container of chocolate powder, crushed from Honeydukes chocolate, for the next taker. It is well known that chocolate is delicious and can ward off the effects of Dementors, but it is less well known that in powder form it can improve almost any other food or drink! For example, putting some of the powder in your morning pumpkin juice will make even night owls look forward to waking up!
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Anna Westbrook »


Ravenclaw House Pride Items just for you!!

1. A stylish blue bag for class or for your Hogsmeade travels.
2. A blue scarf for those cold months!
3. A simple Blue and Silver hat for any occasion! Winter, Summer, Quidditch!
4. SPECIAL FOR THE MUGGLE BORNS! A phone case! Can be customized depending on your phone and depending on what colors you would like. Just let me know!
Savannah Foster
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Savannah Foster »

A bottomless butterbeer mug for when just need to drown all feelings in a hot, steaming mug of sweetness. Aaaah. You get the picture?
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Iverian Gnash »

With the winters getting so cold here, I decided to knit a pair of fluffy socks (for walking around our common rooms, not into class wearing them... obviously) and a warm hat. For the socks, I use a roll of soft multi-colored yarn (for most of the sock) and a roll of black yarn (for the very top, the heel, and the toe). For the hat, I use red, yellow, green, and blue yarn to represent each of the houses and I knit it with a new stitch I've recently learned that ends up making a really cool looking hat. I add a white pompom to the top of it once I'm finished. Both the hat and the socks look really warm and comfy as I add them to the table.
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Prof. Polaris Black »

Image is of a lampwork paperweight of a desert scene; it contains an orange snake with black and yellow spots, a blooming cactus,, and lots of sand,

I collect paperweights and although this little guy is one of my favorites, I think he might feel more at home living with a Slytherin!
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Mae Flowers »

I'm so glad I packed my film camera in my trunk! I love to practice photography outside of classes, so I would like to offer "back to school" pictures for everyone at the table. I even learned a spell over the summer that allows me to develop the film. With the wave of my wand and the words "Ameti Progressio," the photo will develop into your hands in a matter of seconds. It's been really helpful for taking photos of my fellow students. So if you'd like a back-to-school picture, give me a smile and say "Hogwarts!"
Vanessa Tilley
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Vanessa Tilley »

School can be a little stressful so one thing I enjoy doing to decompress is draw, sketch, doodle or paint. I will be giving out homemade sketchbooks that can handle drawing as well as watercolor. I personally enjoy sketching and/or painting down at the lake on a nice fall day.


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Arianna Stonewater
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Arianna Stonewater »


Image shows a multi-colored quill which will write in a different color for each class, effectively color-coding all of your notes!
Maxim Trevelyan
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Re: Task 7: Gifted and Talented

Post by Maxim Trevelyan »

I bring to the table my old Ravenclaw Quidditch team uniform. It is, naturally, in Ravenclaw colors of deep blue and bronze, with an eagle emblazoned in the back together with a player number and a name. However, those will magically change after a new person puts it on.

The uniform comes with standard pads and guards, although they do look a bit worn and scruffy, but still pretty usable.

All of it thoroughly washed, of course.
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