Graduation 2019

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Graduation 2019

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Congratulations to everyone who earned two or more quills this year and advanced to the next one!

First to Second Year

Adaleine Shuster
Aka Askiithee
Alexander Barnes-Rogers
Alice Dreamette
Amaryllis Storm
Anna Broomswick
Annabella Grinaldi
Asta Noreen
Astor Arensin
Aurora Flame
Autumn Ollivander
Caleb Bane
Daisy Lafferty
Daisy Lovegood
Dexter York
Diana Whisper
Eliza Mary Jones
Iverian Gnash
Khaleesia Marie Lilith
Lena Emeraldgem
Lizzi Long
Maude Rudd
Noppoh Elvenstar
Odessa Love
Ravena Sparrow
Romilda Jones
Rose Evangilleen
Selenophilia Moon
Start Light

Second to Third Year

Draco Riddle
Erin Ersoy
Janie Peterson
Sophia Rudel
Vanessa Tilley

Third to Fourth Year

Alexander Brighton
Anna Snape
Celeste Rivet
Gail Allen
Joey Stark
Kaitlyn Nightingale
Kendra Givens
Siobhan Sullivan

Fourth to Fifth Year

Arianna Stonewater
Arlynn Cassidy
Astaria Rivers
Cody Lewis
Kathren Johnsun
Maxim Trevelyan
Patrick James
Ravariel Aiwince

Fifth to Sixth Year

Mortiana Blaque

Sixth to Seventh Year

Amanda Summers
Hannah R Thomas
Meredith Malkins
Polaris Black
Sky Alton
Will Lestrange

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