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Myraia Snape
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Post by Myraia Snape »


like "Mi" in milk
RA like "Ru" in rugby
I like "Y" in your
A like "U" in rugby

And Snape lak allways...
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Britin Hale
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Post by Britin Hale »

Britin = 'bright - in'
Hale = like 'hail'
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Zachary Jameson
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Post by Zachary Jameson »

My name is Zachary Jameson

To pronounce the first name: Za/cha/ry

Za: "zea"
Cha: "cha"
ry: "ery"

To pronounce the last name: Ja/me/son

Ja: "J" or "Jay"
Me: "mee"
Son: "son"

My name is from Hebrew and originally from "Zechariah"
Zachary Jameson

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Cornelia Stark
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Post by Cornelia Stark »

CORNELIA: kawr - NE- lee - ah
STARK: stärk
Shiloh Adlar
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Post by Shiloh Adlar »

My name, Shiloh Adlar is pronounced:

Shiloh - SHY low
Adlar - ADD ler
Shiloh Adlar, Seventh Year
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Katherine Kay Black
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Post by Katherine Kay Black »

My name is Katherine Kay Black.

It's pronounced

Cath - rin

Kay (or as if you would spell the letter K)


The origin of both names is Greek, Katherine meaning pure and Kay meaning rejoice.
Electra Walker
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Post by Electra Walker »

E/lec/tra Walk/er

Uh-leck-truh Wok-er
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Nymphadora Hex
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Post by Nymphadora Hex »

My name's Nymphadora Hex, it's fairly simple, just Nim-fa-door-a-hecks :)
Kailey Jones
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Post by Kailey Jones »

Kai rhymes with Hey or Hay
Ley rhymes with See or She

Jo rhymes with Know
Nes as in the sounds "n" and "s"
Natasha Wynterborne
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Post by Natasha Wynterborne »

Natasha - nuh-tosh-uh or nuh-tash-uh
doesn't matter to me since it's read and not spoken. I prefer the first one, though.

Wynterborne - win-tur-born
the final "e" is silent.
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Kashmir Robin
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Post by Kashmir Robin »

Kashmir Robin, it's pronounced

Kash- Cash
Mir - Meer

Ro- Row
Bin - Bin
Selene Granger
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Post by Selene Granger »

Everyone knows how to pronounce Granger ;)

Se - like secant
le - like lecture
ne - like nerd
Bia Rodrigues
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Post by Bia Rodrigues »

Bia - the "i" is like in bee and "a" like in "avada kedrava". This name is actually a short name for the portuguese name Beatriz.
Rodrigues - "R"is like "H" in honey, "i" is like "bee" and "gue" is like in "ghetto" => Hodreeghes.
Hope I didn't make a mess trying to explain it x)
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Zachary Jameson
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Post by Zachary Jameson »

Za/cha/re= Zachary
Tah/vis= Tavis
Jay/ma/son= Jameson
Zachary Jameson

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Mae Fiddler
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Post by Mae Fiddler »

So mine is relatively easy, haha.

Mae is pronounced like the month May. Nothing complicated there.
And Fiddler is pronounced like... uhm... fiddler? Like.. iddler with a f. I have no idea how to explain this. *massive fail*

Theia Bondevik
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Post by Theia Bondevik »

The pronounced kind of like "thay" and rhymes with fae
ia "ya" and rhymes with la

Bon like the "bon" in Bond, James Bond.
de with a short e sound (if you know French its basically de) (i hope that made sense)
vik like the "vik" in Viktor Krum

So basically:

THAY-ya BON-de-vik
Jazmine Parsons
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Post by Jazmine Parsons »

My name is pretty simple.

Jazmine - Jaz-min

Parsons - Par-sons

Don't really know how other way to explain it.
Adalya Gilagant
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Post by Adalya Gilagant »


Dall (say doll in a Southern Drawl)
Ya (Ya'll)


Noor Akhter
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Post by Noor Akhter »

My name is hard to pronounce so here it goes.

Noo (As in moo and coo)
er (perfect)
Noo- er
Noor NOT Nor which rhymes with door and is not how you pronounce my name.

I'm not going to do my last name because its just too hard!!
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Lisbelle Tanwick
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Post by Lisbelle Tanwick »

Lis {like liz from the word lizard}
Belle {rhymes with swell}

Tan {rhymes with han in hand}
wick {rhymes with pick}
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