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Gail Allen
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Books that must be translated

Post by Gail Allen » Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:33 am

Here on HOL there are a lot of people from different nationalities and I am sure many of you have read books written in your native language and wished they had been translated so people who do not speak your language could read them.
It has certainly happened to me, and it's pained me so much that I could not share the joy of reading these books with my friends, because they had not been translated into a language they would understand.

The most recent book I've read that that happened with is called Helgi Daner and it is about a young man who is sent to the court of Charlemagne as a hostage since his father who is a minor king owing allegiance to Charlemagne has been threatening rebellion. To curb this his son is taken as a hostage, but it shown significant kindness and grows up in the household of a nobleman, following the lessons of this man's children, and learning to 'be one of them'. But when he as a young man sees his father again, where will his loyalty lie? With his father whose ways now seems strange and unpolished to him, or the people who while they have shown him kindness have also kept him as a hostage and are not his family? I love how this book explores this and dearly wishes it would be translated to I could recommend it to more people.

So now I'm curious; What books do you wish were translated? Give a short description of what they're about
- Just so we all know what we're missing ... I know... why am I punishing myself (and all of you) this way? But maybe some of us will know the original language and can read them after all! That's my hope at least. Or we can keep asking for the book in translation.

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Prof. Amy Lupin
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Re: Books that must be translated

Post by Prof. Amy Lupin » Mon Mar 26, 2018 7:27 am

Coming at the topic from a slightly different angle, two authors I'd love to see translated into English are Michael Peinkofer and Licia Triosi.

Peinkofer was recommended to me by a HOLer some years ago. 'De Tovenaar' (or 'The Magician/Wizard') was his favourite book and he'd read it in Dutch (although it was originally published in German). When I visited Italy, I chanced across an Italian translation and was very tempted to get it, but unfortunately with my limited knowledge of Italian and the book’s length, it would have been frustrating plowing through it even with a dictionary in hand. It was actually then that I briefly entertained the notion of going into translation, because I loved the idea of sharing stories across different languages.

Triosi, on the other hand, is a prolific Italian fantasy author whose name I saw everywhere in the book shops I visited during my stay in Italy. Every now and then I'd lift one of her books off the shelves in the hopes of understanding more than just a handful of words. There isn't a specific book of hers that I'd like to see translated, as they all appeal to me on some level, judging from the English version of her website.
Emma Pam
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Re: Books that must be translated

Post by Emma Pam » Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:50 pm

There's this book called "Glyrmandia" which only exists in Portuguese, and it's absolutely awesome and amazing, and it sould've been translated to other many languages in my opinion !
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