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Post by Gail Allen » Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:43 am

In almost all books some of the characters (if not all) will be an archetype of some sort.

Archetypes are characters built over familiar patterns. It is what enables us to say that this or that character is the Hero, or the Clever One, or the Quirky One, or the Mentor, or The Sidekick or a number of other labels we can put on characters in books.

But of course not every book has every type of character in them and not every type of book has the Hero as their main character - or maybe the Hero of the book also fits another archetype.
So who do you most like reading about?

For me personally, I love reading about the Clever One or the Adventurous One.
It gives me immense joy to see the clever one come up with all kinds of smart solutions and deducting things about the plot from hardly any information at all. Think Hermione.
Or the adventurous one because following them often means you get along on a grand adventure yourself and that is just great to read about!

But which type do you most like to read about and why? And do you have any examples of your favourite archetype from books you've read?

Remember to keep all books and descriptions HOL appropriate.

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