True Def of a Vampire

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True Def of a Vampire

Post by Hannah R Thomas »

There are so many books out there have different descriptions to what a vampire is. How would you describe a vampire? Are they mortal or immortal? Can they live on animal blood instead of humans?
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Shiloh Adlar
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Re: True Def of a Vampire

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Because I made up a story a long time ago that included vampires, I have my own definition of them and how they came to be. In my version, vampires are immortal, however, they are able to be killed similarly to the way the vampires in Twilight are killed. They have to be torn apart and burned. Driving a stake through the heart does not work, it only slows them down. I do think vampires can live on animal blood just like human blood, however, vampires can also eat human food like in The Vampire Diaries. Human food sustains them between feedings of blood. I do not think vampires sparkle or have stone like skin. They're just as human looking as anyone else. They can go out in the sun, however, it's more like the House of Night Vampyres where it's not as comfortable.

I guess I take a bit from a few of the pop culture references of vampires.
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Re: True Def of a Vampire

Post by Vanessa Tilley »

O this is such a loaded and fun question because we all have so many different ideas of what vampires are or should be. My husband laughs at me when we watch a vampire movie and I yell at the movie that it is WRONG! That is not a vampire.

My definition of a vampire is an immortal being that needs to drink blood to live. Vampires are not able to be out in direct sunlight or they will turn to ash. Vampires can be killed with a stake to the heart or having their head separated from their body (sorry that is a bit gross there). Vampires have issues with garlic and crosses. Finally, vampires do have the ability to change into bats. I am not quite sure where my complete list of ideas came from. I basically read lots of vampire books and decided what I liked and didn't like I guess.

I look forward to reading other thoughts on what a vampire is or isn't.

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