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Ariella McManus
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Movie Adaptations of Books

Post by Ariella McManus »

Even though I generally find myself liking the book far better than the movie, there have been some adaptations that I do really enjoy. One that springs to mind instantly is The Shining by Stephen King. I thought Kubriak did a remarkable rendition of it and gave us some of the most iconic scenes ever. Another is Lord of the Rings (which I daresay I like far better than the book; sacrilege, I know.). And, of course, we cannot forget our own Harry Potter.

What are some of your favourite movie adaptations of books?
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Lavinia Rookwood
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Re: Movie Adaptations of Books

Post by Lavinia Rookwood »

I'll join you in the "LOTR movies are better then the books' camp! I think because at least some of the...extra detail work was skimmed down for the movie, so it was easier to follow the plot. At least that was my problem reading it.

One movie adaptation I kinda want to see is "Bridge to Terabitha". I mostly just want to see if there's the same punch near the end, as there was in the book.
Marie Dark
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Re: Movie Adaptations of Books

Post by Marie Dark »

Not sure what movie has been better than the book release.... hmmm .... it just seems like books have a better "Detail" of a moving picture..... unless I don't care to read the book.... but I can't think of any... lol
Kathren Johnsun
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Re: Movie Adaptations of Books

Post by Kathren Johnsun »

While I will agree that most adaptations are not as good as the books they are based on, one that I think is actually better is Matilda. Some of this may just be bias as I do believe that I saw the movie first, but sometimes the actors chosen can have a big part in why a movie might be loved more or not. For example, I love Mara Wilson in the movie and I related to her Matilda much more than I did to Dahl's version of her. Plus there is enough comedy in this for Danny DeVito, as the butt of most jokes in the movie, to pull off spectacularly. Don't get me wrong, I love the book, I just think the movie with its choice of actors (that may not be the most accurate to the book in physical appearance) is a little bit better.
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