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Dear Members--Normally we wouldn't "advertise" any other group on HOL. However, I get the distinct feeling that many of you are in the same "boat" as I am--struggling to stay afloat (or at least awash) with tons of books that I would be happy to give away to good homes. /laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" /> If that's your situation, let me recommend an international group called BookCrossing. You register your give-away books online at the BookCrossing site and each receives a registration number. Then you "release" the book in a safe locale--where some other book lover will find it (there are official BookCrossing Zones--or you can create one)--and that person logs the book's number in and reports on his or her opinion of the book, and then releases it again, etc. You get to track not only where the book travels (crosses), but the readers' opinions of the book as well, all the while protecting the safety of the books by "releasing" them in well-travelled locales.

The group's chapters do have monthly meetings, but it is not necessary to go to them (so members need not worry about that). For example, my chapter near Jacksonville, Florida, meets the second Tuesday of every month (the official BookCrossing day of the month for meetings) and we have a great time discussing and exchanging books, as well as leaving some in a basket at our meeting place for other readers to find. The group is listed on MeetUp and you can "info" them. If you have trouble using those methods and want the addie, PM me. My name on BookCrossing is "opaldragonfly"--if you join, feel free to add me to your "Friends List" on that site. Prof. Opal
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Oh my goodness, I think this is a great Idea.... especially for my mother.... but she reads quicker than spit.... lol no but really , she's a fast reader and she is retired and loves to read. ... she'd be perfect for a group like this in and around Los Angeles, California area.... I will research this for her.... I'm not able to read a ton of books like mom but if I could get her started....
Well, I understand if people think I'm crazy, but my mom needs something like this..... her retirement is Driving "All of US", Crazy.... we all love her very much. She would like a group to do things she's interested in....
Well, with that said, if I had the time to read that much, I'd do this book club on my own....
Unfortunately, my work does not allow me to do. ... well, pretty much Nothing. ...
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