How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

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Louis Walles
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Re: How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

Post by Louis Walles »

I would love to say I read a lot but that would be a lie. Now, that I am no longer in university, the amount of books I read regularly has dropped quite a lot. However, I am trying to get back to reading as soon as possible! I would say I am currently reading about 10 books per year.

I am currently reading one book and have plenty waiting for me patiently so let's hope I will improve and go back to reading around 20 books per year!
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Viviana Kingston
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Re: How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

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Well over fifty a year. It sometimes reaches a hundred, sometimes it gets higher, most of the time it drops because I get busy and have reading slumps, but I try to sign up to me in review teams and such so I read consistently.
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Tom Harik
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Re: How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

Post by Tom Harik »

I Mainly read around 10-20 books a years depending if a really get into the book. I try and read at least a few hours before i go to bed to chill out with.

I would like to read more but with other activities I'm committed too. I just don't have the time to read more B) B)
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