What are you currently reading?

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Prof. Rorey Padfoot
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What are you currently reading?

Post by Prof. Rorey Padfoot »

We're only a month into 2021 and I am hoping some people put "read more books" on their 2021 goal list. So, I want to know what are you currently reading?

As for me I am currently reading Cinder by Marissa Myer. Its book one in The Lunar Chronicles. Its a series loosely based off the story Cinderella, but it takes place in the future during a plague <_< <_< <_< and Cinder is a cyborg. Its a good mix between science fiction and fairy tale. There are 5 books in the series, the author has a few books that are add-ons in between, and right now the first book is hard to put down.
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Artiass Swanson
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Re: What are you currently reading?

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I read Harry Potter books many years ago. We had to wait and count the days until the next book was published. But since I am not English speaking, I read translated books at that time. So maybe now with these explanations it is not so strange to say that the book I just started reading is harry potter and philosopher's stone. But this time in the main language of the book, English.
I feel very good because I can learn a lot of magic tools and animals in English.
Alexander Brighton
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Re: What are you currently reading?

Post by Alexander Brighton »

I'm currently re-reading the Harry Potter series, the best series!

Right now I'm on chapter seven of the Chamber of Secrets. :)
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