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Quaffle Play
The Quaffle game is divided into 2 phases which alternate. The first phase features a game called "Xany" in which the players try to answer Harry Potter trivia questions as quickly as possible. The second phase features a board game format where teams place their pieces, representing Chasers, Beaters, and Keepers, on a gameboard to score points.

The following is a brief introduction to each of the two phases.

A trivia bot will ask a question and players will attempt to answer as quickly as they can. The first SIX players to answer correctly will score points - as long as these answers are within the 30 second time limit. But the quicker you answer, the more points you get! 20, 10, 5, 3, 2, and 1 points will be awarded to the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth person respectively. These points will be added to your team's Quaffle score immediately.
Xany is a broom racing game nearly as old as HOL itself! It was named after one of Ravenclaw's earliest professors and Quidditch coaches, Prof. Romulus "Xany" Xanthos.

The board game scoring phase was developed by Prof. Ryan Granger and takes place using a spreadsheet program (currently Google Sheets).
Each team will have the opportunity to place three offensive pieces (representing Chasers) and three defensive pieces (representing two Beaters and a Keeper) on a game board with three lanes. While Chaser stacking (the act of placing all three offensive pieces in the same lane) is allowed, no team may engage in Chaser stacking three rounds in a row. Teams will be able to discuss where to place their pieces in their team room, with their placements kept secret from the other team until the result of the phase is announced.

After both teams have finished placing their pieces, the board will be resolved by the referee as follows:
-Each Beater or Keeper can block exactly ONE Chaser *in the same lane*.
-Each unblocked Chaser will score a goal; each blocked Chaser will NOT score.
-Each goal will be worth 50 game points, which will be added to the scoring team's Quaffle score immediately.

The Quaffle game will alternate between the phases as follows:
-At the start of the game, we play Xany for seven questions.
-We then move to a board game round where each team places all six of their pieces, including offensive and defensive pieces.
-We continue alternating between the phases (each board game round is followed by seven Xany questions, and after seven Xany questions a new board game round begins) until Quaffle play ends.

-The length of the match will be announced at the beginning of the match, it will either be 60 or 75 minutes.

-If the Quaffle match will last 60 minutes there will be a 3 minute break occurring 30 minutes into the match.

-If the Quaffle match will last 75 minutes there will be a 3 minute break occurring 40 minutes into the match.

Regardless of the length of the match, the game continues as normal after the three minute break: if there were seven trivia questions since the last board game phase, play resumes with a board game phase - but if there were fewer than seven trivia questions since the last board game phase, trivia questions continue until there is a total of seven trivia questions since the last board game phase (at which point a new board game phase will start).
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