Funny stories in music

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Funny stories in music

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Have you ever had a funny mishap at a musical event( Concerts, School band performances, etc.)? Maybe seen someone else's accident? Post them here. I'd love something music related to laugh at!

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Re: Funny stories in music

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During Christmas, 4 choirs from 4 different areas meet at one large setting. Each one performs 3 or 4 Christmas carols. Our group orders music cds which we sing to. One year, our choir director gave the person at that location the wrong music list, and when the first song started playing, it was a solo and our soloist wasn't there Our choir director was hoarse from a virus, so i yelled from the back of the group, "WE CAN'T SING THIS ONE " Everyone stared at me, until the choir director got their attention and showed she agreed with me.

The next song,? The closing theme. It had no words! A male voice came from the back:"WE CAN'T SING THIS ONE EITHER."

People started laughing :D

Next song, 2 sopranos started insisting on not singing that one, because they hadn't had time to practice it

More good hearted laughter

The songs we wanted were found on the 4th go around :D
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