What if there was no Music?

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Vanessa Tilley
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What if there was no Music?

Post by Vanessa Tilley »

Hello everyone! Music is something that is very important to me because I use it to help me fall asleep, get me in the right mood whether that is when I am creating art or when I need to clean up the house, and my husband and father both play musical instruments. That got me thinking, how important is music to you.

If music were removed from the world, how would you feel?

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Hannah Goodwill
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Re: What if there was no Music?

Post by Hannah Goodwill »

God, that would be absolutely horrible...
I listen to music almost 24/7 because I constantly feel anxious, and music kind of helps me feel less so.
It also helps me avoid talking to people, which is nice since doing that makes me even more anxious! It just makes life so much more bearable and makes time pass much faster.
So yeah, in conclusion, I would go crazy without.
Lora Wallabenger
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Re: What if there was no Music?

Post by Lora Wallabenger »

Whoa ! A world without no music is so much horrific . Music really helps me to calm down and sometimes even cheer me up when I'm down. If there's a world without any music there will be only one solution to me...
I'll get in a rocket and fly away to another galaxy where music exist, no matter how much time it takes.! Maybe I can hear a song I like before I grow old :D
Narcissus Delmenia
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Re: What if there was no Music?

Post by Narcissus Delmenia »

i would feel devastated honestly, tho i know music is an unavoidable part of our lives, thank god. but still, i sleep with music, get comforted with music, music is a way to build a bubble and wear it on your head, to safely maneuver around this land! tho if i had to live with that cold hard truth i would probably go live in a forest, maybe build a tree house, where my humming and longing for music echo through the trees.
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