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Dom Tarot
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Post by Dom Tarot »

i play bass guitar, been playing for like 3 years now.
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Michael Finneas
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Post by Michael Finneas »

I've been playing the piano for seven years now, which is like... half my life. :blink: I also play the guitar and trombone.
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Rowan Dream
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Post by Rowan Dream »

hehe I try to play the acoustic guitar, but I have only started two weeks ago so I sound like a cat loool
Abigail Chalmers
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Post by Abigail Chalmers »

I play the french horn! wooooo! and he mellophone in the fall for marching band, which is pretty much a marching syle french horn :lol: haha our marching band outfits are hilarious looking... and itchy. This would be my 5th year in band. I enjoy it very much... except for the outfits. But at least we are all wearing them lol
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Alex Tendder
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Post by Alex Tendder »

Wow! That very nice! Many people in here play instruments. :lol:

I love music. Every possibly kind of music has always something to add. That's why I find so nice when i see people who can play more than one intrument.

I, in my turn, can play only the piano. Wish i could play something else, as the guitar, or perhaps the bass (Just love the sound of it)!.
Ezra Dobbins
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Post by Ezra Dobbins »

I am a percusionist and was in a high school band but the drama got to me so I was forced to quit to keep my sanity. But, yea, Im a percusionist
Alesia Kiara
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Post by Alesia Kiara »

i've been playing piano for 10 years now and drums for 6
Linnix Henson
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Post by Linnix Henson »

I play clarinet and about to start taking piano lessons.
Jason Jakcson
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Post by Jason Jakcson »

I have started learning Guitar and Drums, its been a week now and I am loving it!

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Lynne Fantome
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Post by Lynne Fantome »

I play violin and a [very, very little] bit of guitar.
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Violet Rubert
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Post by Violet Rubert »

In middle school I was learning how to play the flute but after the band class was canceled from the curriculum I didn't take it up again. (I did not have the money to buy my own.) Though, I do want to learn Guitar.
Zoe Daniels
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Post by Zoe Daniels »

I play trombone in the school band and I'm currently learning guitar at home :)
Brechtje Peerenboom
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Post by Brechtje Peerenboom »

I'm a good cellist, but I can also play the drums well enough along with some piano, bass, and guitar. When I go into one area, I tend to branch out. XD;
Holly Muse
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Post by Holly Muse »

I play the clarinet. I can play the piano very badly, mostly just use it for improvisation in music class, or practising singing my scales.
Leslie Norris
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Post by Leslie Norris »

Flute, piccolo, and my voice! Huzzah for music majors!!!

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Lindsey Hyde Phoenix

Post by Lindsey Hyde Phoenix »

I play the acoustic guitar, the ukulele and the piano. I'm best at piano, least-best at ukulele (I just started), and somewhere in the middle with guitar.

I'd be a lot better at guitar if my hands were larger, there are some chords that are literally impossible for me to fret! At least my small hands will come in handy with the ukulele now :)
Rosalin Wood
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Post by Rosalin Wood »

I play the guitar for 12 years now. I also sing but my voice is going to be worth, so I stay with playing the guitar.
It helps me to calm down, if I need it and it is always nice to have musicians with me. It's a lot of fun if you are not always alone playing.
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Ophelia Cromwell
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Post by Ophelia Cromwell »

I play piano but I also sing. And, I would absolutely love to play the flute.
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