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Morgan Maddock

Post by Morgan Maddock »

oh, i'm a rocker through and through.

Liam Weasly
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Post by Liam Weasly »

I lov surf music, my favourite being jason mraz im yours!
Lindsey Hyde-Phoenix
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Post by Lindsey Hyde-Phoenix »

Haha! Jason Mraz is surf music?! I never knew!
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Duffin Schmurtz
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Post by Duffin Schmurtz »

Well, I chose Others because I like Hip-Hop music....not Rap...not R&B...just Hip-Hop
Ellie Warhol
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Post by Ellie Warhol »

I picked other because I truly could not decide. I love showtunes, alternitive and some pop...
Ely Granger
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Post by Ely Granger »

I like pop and rock, but at the end I chosed pop.
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Trevor Williams
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Post by Trevor Williams »

I love all kinds of music! I have over 17,000 songs in my iTunes and it's hard to choose just one genre!

I love rock, pop (like top hit songs), some rap, emo, punk, alternative, showtunes, disco, oldies, etc.
Shane Lee
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Post by Shane Lee »

punk all the way. misfits [censored by McNish] pistols casutlies choas uk antiflag. ramones ect. but some metal is good to. as long as i can mosh to it its good
Chandrika Sundari
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Post by Chandrika Sundari »

I picked other because the music I like would either be in it's own category or sort of transcend most if not all the categories. My favorite type of music is soundtrack/score/trailer music.

And I don't mean the popular music that typically gets put on soundtracks, though sometimes I like those too. I mean the actual score, and also the music used in many trailers that often has nothing to do with the movie directly.

Some of my favorite artists are:
Hans ZimmerJohn WilliamsDanny ElfmanBear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica)E.S. Posthumus (they do trailer music that was used for PotC and a bunch of others, also the theme to the TV series Cold Case)Steve Jablonsky (The Island, Transformers 1&2)Two Steps from Hell (trailers for Star Trek (2009), Order of the Phoenix, etc.)Immediate Music (trailers for Half-Blood Prince, Order of the Phoenix, and many more)
Additionally, I like celtic/new age music from artists such as Loreena Mckinnett, Enya, Blackmore's Night, and Enigma. Generally I'm more of a songs based fan than any particular genre. My playlists have everything from classical to hard rock. Also, quite a few showtunes and recently a lot of Glee music.
Juliya Tass
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Post by Juliya Tass »

I love every genre of music, but country. At the moment, I am listening to more ska and punk rock than anything.
Vienna Missaunt
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Post by Vienna Missaunt »

Country is my all-time favorite! It always cheers me up and is a great motivator when it comes to doing housework. :)

I also love classical and rock. I used to have an hour's commute to work and enjoyed listening to a classical station when I would drive home late at night. It's so soothing and perfect for dark empty highways.
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Morticia Von Page
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Post by Morticia Von Page »

Metalheaaaaad!! B) Fav bands include; HIM, Rammstein, Hysterica, AC/DC & Judas Priest.
Ianto Maddock
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Post by Ianto Maddock »

Really I'll listen to just about anything, but I like rock the best.
Lavinia Rookwood
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Post by Lavinia Rookwood »

I like alot of different styles of music, but I ultimately picked other, because I couldn't find country on there. But I have alot of pop and soft rock, as well as some sort of indie/singer-songwriter for a little spice.
Ariella McManus
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Post by Ariella McManus »

I picked other because I like all kinds of music.
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Shiloh Adlar
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Re: Favorite Type Of Music

Post by Shiloh Adlar »

I like so many different types of music, but my favorite will always be classical. I was raised on it. I'm also a fan of jazz. I think any sort of music that I can dance to is at the top of my list, and I'm not meaning hip hop or dance/electronic, although both can be great, but I prefer music that has a deeper tone to it. Talking of more popular music, Sia has some great songs. Norah Jones, Imagine Dragons, Birdy, and X Ambassadors all have really good music as well.
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Austin Ollivander Black
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Re: Favorite Type Of Music

Post by Austin Ollivander Black »

I like all kinds of music but my favorite are rock and pagan folk metal. I really like hurteygurdie (probably spelled wrong),bagpipes, mandolin, and bodhran together
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Marie Dark
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Re: Favorite Type Of Music

Post by Marie Dark »

Depending on my mood at the time I love to listen to electronic dance music... my daughter introduced to me "EDC & Tomorrow Land" and the music from Many different D.J's are amazing.... Along with any upbeat music... I love classical music and the Blues....
Vanessa Tilley
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Re: Favorite Type Of Music

Post by Vanessa Tilley »

Classic 80s rock and heavy metal at that time.

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Astaria Rivers
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Re: Favorite Type Of Music

Post by Astaria Rivers »

I have a lot of favorite types of music or specific songs from different genres that I like. I do like alternative rock and indie rock mostly.
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