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Ash Neal
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Post by Ash Neal »

I listen to metal, punk, scream"o" and gothic rock. And people call me scary. XDXDXD
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Zend Avesta

Post by Zend Avesta »

Classical ?? Of Course...
Josh Kortos
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Post by Josh Kortos »

Most types of rocks! This is from Greenday to HIM. From Kelly Clarkson to Slipknot. Rise against, Underoath, Korn, Zebrahead, even Avril Lavigne! Yeah if it's rock i'll listen to it but mainly Punk and Metal
Ashbo Andrews
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Post by Ashbo Andrews »

I'm a lover of rock. Bands like Kill Hannah, Anberlin, Billy Talent, Cute Is What We Aim For, The Used, even the tunes of Hellogoodbye. Mostly bands that my friends have never heard of. My iPod is pulsing with rock 24/7.
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Becca Granger
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Post by Becca Granger »

I like pop a lot, recentley I've been kinda into punk rock.
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Falay Marker
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Post by Falay Marker »

I like rock, alternative rock to be specific, though some German heavy metal is always a good choice in my book. But on my cello, I like playing jazz, and there are some really fun classical pieces out there, and its fun to play stuff from movies. I do like to listen to some jazz and classical too, to keep my horizon opens and to keep the neighbors from calling me a punk.
Nocturna Grenemearh
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Post by Nocturna Grenemearh »

If I could only choose one type, it'd be Musicals. But I like pretty much a little bit of everything. Although most techno I could pass on, and current pop/rap/rock/emo/punk is a little...lacking...for me.
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Skyler Spellwind
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Post by Skyler Spellwind »

Ive been listening to a lot of different things lately, but I'm going to have to go with Punk/Metal/Hardcore. Something about it just gets my blood flowing.
Ludo Atrico
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Post by Ludo Atrico »

Punk or Pop. Wierd mix I know.
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Ystva Earthy
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Post by Ystva Earthy »

actually, i accept mostly all kind of music..
maybe: pop, rock, r&b, new age
and, i love accoustic!
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As Pina
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Post by As Pina »

rock, punk, pop, some of country too.
Narcissa-Rae Crystal
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Post by Narcissa-Rae Crystal »

I like a lot of different kinds of music, like soft rock, punk, alternative, [a little] country, and [some] R & B
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Tesiree Swift
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Post by Tesiree Swift »

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May Lee
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Post by May Lee »

RnB, Rock, Alternative, slowrock, pop, Jazz and classic.
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Cliodna Bladvak
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Post by Cliodna Bladvak »

Classical of course..
And I also love to listen the instuments..
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Safira Langley
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Post by Safira Langley »

Hard Rock and Metal! /cool.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="B)" border="0" alt="cool.gif" />
Marcella Warrick
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Post by Marcella Warrick »

I like pretty much all kinds of music EXCEPT rap and most hip hop.

Alternative/emo and country are my favorite ;D
I also like pop and techno.
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Lucia Kumquat
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Post by Lucia Kumquat »

I'm rather eclectic. I like a bit of everything, save rap.
Julian Bryant
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Post by Julian Bryant »

- Metal

- Punk

- Horror Punk

- Alternative Metal

- Grunge

- Classic Rock
As Pina
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Post by As Pina »

I love rock, punk, indie and a little of pop.
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