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Ready Player One

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I've still not seen Ready Player One which is of a sadness, because I've talked and chatted with folks who have seen it. However, I just read a review which sort of helped me to see the movie, when I do watch it, with different eyes.

B. A. W. wrote this of Ready Player One
5.0 out of 5 stars
This movie is 90% different from the book and that's a good thing!

This is a must see film if you like sci-fi, video games, 80s, or just want to see a really cool film with a nice concept.

Yes, this is a completely different story from the book...and I, for one, am pleased about that. Turning an 8 hour story into a 2.5 hour one will require some editing and usually bad editing at that, but instead of chopping the book up, the author, Ernest Cline, co-wrote the screenplay and started from scratch; rewriting the entire story to be more visual than cerebral and making it more for general audiences instead of just nerds and 80s buffs.

Consider this movie to be a parallel universe of the book where the same people make different decisions and this is the new outcome. I love the book and now this movie is my favorite. Worth owning just for the pop culture Easter eggs alone, but with a great story and wonderful acting, it's just a good investment as a form of entertainment in general. 6/5 stars ;-)
I'm very glad to read that Ernest Cline co-wrote the screenplay. That means that the important parts of what he wanted to convey, the content, in the book will still be there in the movie, even if it seems to be in a different context.

I also read the RPO posts in What's the Latest Movie You've Watched and What movie coming in out in 2018 are you most excited for? and it seems that many want to see it and those who have seen it like it.

So - I checked when it s released on BluRay/DVD and that will be in July. If my 'far distant' place of living doesn't get it playing on the big screen by then, I'll still get to watch it because I own it. :D Then I will watch it, most likely, several times!
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