The Maze Runner

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Fumei Spookie
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The Maze Runner

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Yesterday I decided to watch The Maze Runner. The Maze Runner is one of those movies that gives you a bit of Battle Royal feeling. Like the Hunger Games, where they have to kill each other to survive (really The Hunger Games is just Battle Royal but then in just a different setting) But I was talking about The Maze Runner. I kind of liked The Maze Runner, because unlike The Hunger Games or Divergent (which is also one of those kind of movies) it isn't really romantic based from the start.

I mostly liked the mystery in this film. You see the main character have these weird dreams that look like flash backs, but he can't place them. There is a type of monster that stings his victims. When they are stung, they mention the main character and that it's all his fault. Which makes the mystery even bigger. I liked that part.

Although I have to say that the actors didn't really came over strong. I missed a little bit of convincing by them. But all in all I didn't really mind watching it. Although let's be honest off all these kind of films. Battle Royal stays the very best <3

Marie Dark
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Re: The Maze Runner

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Yes Maze Runner was very good and I thought it was a "Copy Cat" of the Hunger Games or Divergent but It really IS NOT.... I should read the books and I heard that they are thinking about making a TV series but then they didn't have enough Fans big enough to watch it... so not sure if they will go through with the series or not.... if they do... I am sure they can create new characters and new obstacles of mazes... but that's just me... lol
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