Lights! Camera! Action! Pitch your own movie plot!

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Lights! Camera! Action! Pitch your own movie plot!

Post by Prof. Ryan Granger »

My friends laugh at me all the time because I'm constantly saying, "That'd be a great movie!" I've even been told that some of my ideas would make fantastic Disney plots, not that I'm bragging. That got me thinking, surely some of my fellow HOLers have movie plot ideas! So I'm curious to hear what you'd pitch as a movie plot! Is it a fantasy film? Is it jammed packed full with action? Talk about it below!

One of my favorite movie plot ideas that I've had is one about a yellow flamingo that struggles to deal with bullies and trying to capture the attention of his crush and gets taken on an exciting journey through the jungle with two new "friends" that turn out to be an evil serpent's henchmen. I won't spoil the ending for you all in case it does turn into the next animated hit, but I will say it involves a wild skirmish atop an active volcano along with several musical numbers because what fantastic animated movie doesn't have at least a few catchy songs along the way.
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Re: Lights! Camera! Action! Pitch your own movie plot!

Post by Maxwell Shadow »


I'd definitely go see that!

No movie plots of my own of the top of my head but I'll report back if I think of one :)
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Ariella McManus
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Re: Lights! Camera! Action! Pitch your own movie plot!

Post by Ariella McManus »

Love yours, Ryan! I do have movie plots but they're probably way too dark for this particular forum :P
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Cody Lewis
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Re: Lights! Camera! Action! Pitch your own movie plot!

Post by Cody Lewis »

I was going to post in here a couple nights ago with a movie plot I made up on the spot, but I got way too into all the little details and I couldn't make it sound as cool as it was in my head. So here's a brief synopsis:

A teenage boy named Max McManus (guess how I came up with that) has a near death experience when a train gets derailed in Chicago. He gets worked on by paramedics and miraculously survives. Years later, he becomes an EMT himself. He dedicates his life to saving other people's lives, until one day, people stop dying. Everyone in the world is immortal. And on top of that, Max becomes invisible to everyone around him and anyone he comes into contact with dies instantly. Max goes on to discover that his father, the Grim Reaper, had died and it was now his job to escort souls to the afterlife.

Like Ryan, I won't spoil the entire plot so that I can pitch the idea to Marvel as a comic-slash-movie series.
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Re: Lights! Camera! Action! Pitch your own movie plot!

Post by Marie Dark »

Oh Please just Make this Fabulous Yellow Flamingo Movie.... I would totally watch it.... I have had an few ideas but I'm too hesitant to say them for I feel foolish when I think about it later down the line..... so I guess for now, until I get my confidence built back up.... I will stick to reading others ideas.... sorry
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Re: Lights! Camera! Action! Pitch your own movie plot!

Post by Vanessa Tilley »

Broadway zombies with jazz hands! Need I say more :P

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