Welcome to Muggle Studies Pop Culture: The 80's

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Welcome to Muggle Studies Pop Culture: The 80's

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Hello, and welcome to Muggle Studies Pop Culture: The 80's! A little about me, my name is Prof. Rorey Padfoot and I just moved into my spacious new room in the Ravenclaw House. I just celebrated my 16th year here at HOL and of course never want to leave. :D

Feel free to introduce yourself to the other class members here and tell us what other classes you have decided to take and why you chose Muggle Studies Pop Culture: The 80's. :D
~Prof. Rorey Padfoot~*~Ravenclaw~
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Re: Welcome to Muggle Studies Pop Culture: The 80's

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My name is Prof. Will Lestrange and I am the (new) Head of House for Slytherin. It isn't exactly a secret these days that I love video games (Three years ago, I brought back the Arcade Club in the Slytherin Dungeons, where a classic arcade game is played and discussed each month during the term) and so many of the best classic video games came from the 80s!

I joined this class in part because of the chance to relive all these classic video games, but there's another factor as well. While I am (out of character, of course!) old enough to have lived through the majority of the 1980s, that still leaves a few years that I missed... and a few others where I wasn't exactly in the right state to remember stuff for later (remembering stuff is kind of difficult if you're one year old).

So far I've had the chance to explore two years of the decade through this class and I look forward to revisiting the other eight!

As for other classes: I'm taking Guide to Shapeshifting, Magic in Famous Mysteries, Magical Creatures Lore, and Muggle Studies: Hidden Powers II this term... while also teaching Word Magic (bringing back a class that I loved when I took it my second year), The Unforgivable Curses, and Parseltongue: A Challenging Introduction. It should be a pretty exciting term!
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