October Prompt: Fall

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October Prompt: Fall

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It's hard to believe that the fall is already upon us! Some may associate this season with leaves changing colours; others may notice the change in the weather and darkness - and still others may celebrate various holidays or enjoying the harvest. Your task this month is to write at least 75 words that - in at least some way - feature the fall. The twist is as follows: because the days get shorter in the fall, the words in each of your sentences must get shorter as well. In particular, in each sentence, each word must be no longer than the word before it (though words can get longer again when the next sentence begins). For example:
"Everyone was happy." - NOT acceptable as "happy" is longer than "was"
"Everyone was sad." Acceptable - "was" is no longer than "everyone"; "sad" and "was" are of the same length

The deadline is October 31 at 11:59 PM HOL; completing this prompt will earn you 25 hoots. (Partial credit will be given in the form of 1 hoot for every 3 words up to 75.)
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Re: October Prompt: Fall

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Perennially speaking, autumns render short days. Moonlight teases the day. Sunbeams scatter with fear. Darkness creeps into day, how coy! Better hurry; time ends soon. Running errands, frantic pace...and go! Beautiful peace comes; moon wins. Silent winds chill the air. Luxurious, steaming cocoa calms; soul hugs. Frantic energy slows when days end. Overrated daytime hours flee. Wonderful darkness blankets all. Embrace early night with joy. Enjoy being still for now. Hush-shhh! Sleep; dream time. Autumn-thank you! (76 words)
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Re: October Prompt: Fall

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Encountering blustering, vigorous, swirling, gleeful breezes, tossing yellowing leaves, people duck and run. Surrounding, sheltering buildings, crowded kiosks, coffee shops, pull me in. Sidewalk crowded, dashing through gusts, dart into shop. Glittering lightning sparkles overhead, filling the air. Breathing wonderful coffee scents, doors close other side of me. Ordering chocolate breve, look out. Autumnal robust winds blow hats off. Laughing, brightly cheerful people flash their smile at me. Sipping savoury warmth, bite into roll. Smile. Thanks, life.
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