Happy Birthday, Jodie!

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Happy Birthday, Jodie!

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Wishing a sensational birthday to Jodie Smith. Hope you get to celebrate with everyone and everything you love.
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Re: Happy Birthday, Jodie!

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Happiest of birthdays, Jo!!

So happy to be getting to know you. Glad you found your way to this happy home of HOL, and look forward to crossing paths more over time.

May all your deepest heart’s wishes come true, m’dear!

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Re: Happy Birthday, Jodie!

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Image shows lots and lots of firecrackers, of all colors, exploding in a dark night sky. The words "Happy Birthday" are printed in capital letters in the middle of the graphic.
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Re: Happy Birthday, Jodie!

Post by Jodie Smith »

Thank you guys! This was such a nice surprise. :wub:
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