Happy Birthday, Sky!!

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Kendra Givens
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Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Kendra Givens »

I know you took a few well deserved days off to celebrate you and you won't see this 'til later, but I just wanted to say...


I'm thankful for you every day and I'm so happy that life decided we should be friends. I hope that the rest of your birthday week is as magical and wonderful as you are!
Prof. Sindor Aloyarc
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Prof. Sindor Aloyarc »


Feeling at a loss for words ... You offered me such a friendly welcome back, having since become a wonderful friend and one of the most trusted people in my life.

OH! I've got it:

Thank your parents for me, will ya? ;)
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Iverian Gnash
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Iverian Gnash »

Thank you for being the most amazing friend!! You’ve made every day a trillion times better and brighter! <333 Have a spectacular day!! :D :lol: :wub: :wub:
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Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black »

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Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis »

Happy Birthday, Sky!!

May you have a fantastic day and a fun-filled weekend!!
Silvana Mandeville
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Silvana Mandeville »

Happy birthday, Prof. Sky! May you have a wonderful birthday! :wub:
Emily Spencer
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Emily Spencer »

I do it because I can. I do it because I want to. I do it because you said I couldn't.
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Prof. Will Lestrange
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Prof. Will Lestrange »

hope you're having a very happy birthday!
Aurelia West
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Aurelia West »

Happy Birthday, Sky! I hope you had the best day! I wish you an upcoming year of magic and wonder <3
Prof. Rorey Padfoot
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Prof. Rorey Padfoot »

Happy Birthday!! Hope you are enjoying your break and doing fun things!! :wub: :wub:
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Maxim Trevelyan
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Maxim Trevelyan »

Happy birthday darlin'! :wub:
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Patrick James
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Patrick James »

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Sky! ^_^
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Prof. Sky Alton
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by Prof. Sky Alton »

Thank you all so so so so much. It means the world. <3

(I'm not back back until tomorrow but I couldn't wait until then to show my appreciation) ;)
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April Marigold
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Re: Happy Birthday, Sky!!

Post by April Marigold »

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Hope you're having a terrific Birthday :D

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