Class News and Announcements Winter Term 2019 ( Updated regularly)

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Class News and Announcements Winter Term 2019 ( Updated regularly)

Post by Amanda Summers » Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:28 pm

Hello new students,

Welcome to another term at HOL, we are excited to be back for a new term with our class. As new students are rolling in and signing up for this class I have updated the class work due date policy to make it more clear and simplistic for our students to help them pass this class please ensure you check the syllabus and class information pages before signing up to ensure you know what these changes are. I will be posting class announcements and news here through out the term, be sure to keep an eye on this post so you know what is happening.

Winter Term Announcements and changes

Class sign ups are now open.

Our class now has a brand new look and updated version we are excited for this new chapter along with the new HOL 5.0

Students are asked to read over the grading, syllabus and quills and award page to become familiar with the new class grading and requirements.

Don't forget to introduce yourself in the introduction post for your easy extra 5 points also part of the first extra credit assignment!

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