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Amalatte Swann
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Post by Amalatte Swann »

I think my name is very easy to pronounce...

Amalatte: ah-mah-lah-tay
Swann: like swan

But I didn't use latte for my name because I love caffe latte. :P
Ariel Costilow
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Post by Ariel Costilow »

My name is Ariel Costilow.
You pronounce my first name as;
Ar (as in what you breathe, air)
i (it sounds like a long e, as in eel)
el (as in hello)
You may refer to that red headed mermaid, if you please. <_<

And for my last name;
Co (it sort of sounds like a bird. "Caw")
stil (as the word, still, is pronounced)
ow (the word you say when you are utterly bamboozled. "Oh.")

In a nutshell, that is how you pronounce my name.
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Naise Puentes
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Post by Naise Puentes »

well my name is pronounced like this:

Naise - like Ness of the "monster of the lake Ness" and it rhymes with bless and chase

and Puentes comes from the spanish Bridges and is pronounced this way

Pu- like winnie the POOH or p o o p ( together the word) without the las "p"

en- like a simple "n"

tes- pronounced like and "e" not like an "i" (not like tea or teas) :huh: well a little difficulte but not so much <_<

Naise Puentes

best wishes
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Prof. Ignis Divine
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Post by Prof. Ignis Divine »

Well Ignis Divine is pronounced as following:

- I is like the i-sound of "me" and emphasis on this syllable
- g is then pronounced like the g of "good"
- nis is like the sound of the word "is" but with a n before

-Di of Divine is more like the sound of dee of the word "indeed"
-vine is pronounced the same as "mine" just a v instead of the m ^^ and emphasis of the word lays on this syllable

Well the name then sounds like this:

Eegnis Deevine
Azarielle Doom
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Post by Azarielle Doom »


like the impending variety :lol:
Zen McGregor
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Post by Zen McGregor »

My name is way easy:

Zen = Charge your Zen (yep, the japanese thing) pretty self-explained

As for McGregor:

Mc as in McDonalds
Gregor as in Gregorovitch but with stress on Gre not GOR


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Emmilynn Shea Grace Wilder
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Post by Emmilynn Shea Grace Wilder »

Ok, so my name is REALLY long.

So, Emmilynn goes like this: Em= like the first part of emily, pretty much how it looks mi = like meh and lynn = like lin

Shea is one syllable it sounds like = sh a but put together so its sha with a long a

Grace is like this: Grey sis but put togethere into one syllable grays

and Wilder is like the word While and der not wild er, but wil der.
Hermionie Miranda
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Post by Hermionie Miranda »

Okay, this is how I pronounce my name:

Herm-i-oh-knee (like Hermione Granger, but I just added an ''i'')
Mir-an-da (a normal name)

On IRC you can call me Herms, Miranda, or Hermy.
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Hermione Nadine Gillonder
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Post by Hermione Nadine Gillonder »

This is how to pronounce my name:

Hermione: Err-MY-oun (I know your exactly pronounce it like Er-MY-o-nee, but my name is different)
Nadine: Naed-in
Gillonder: Gill-ou-n-deeh

But just call me Nadine :)

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Annabelle Avril
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Post by Annabelle Avril »

Annabelle : An-a-Bel

Avril(April in french): AV-ruhl

Just Ann is fine with me. :D
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Jamie Flower
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Post by Jamie Flower »

Flower= i think you can prounounce that! :)
Avira Wolvezevie
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Post by Avira Wolvezevie »

Yay, I was hoping I would get to explain my name somewhere! :lol:

A-VIR-A WOL-VEZ-E-VIE ( Its supposed to mean something along the lines of "flying wolfs life" )


A = uh/ah
VIR= veer ( to veer off the road)
A = uh/ah

WOL = wool
VEZ= vehz
E= eh/uh
VIE= V ( as in the letter "v")
Maravillas Arrington
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Post by Maravillas Arrington »

Marr-AH-vee-AH (Maravillas)
AIR-ington (Arrington)

I'll respond to Marr-ah (Mara) or Marr (Mar), as well!
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Prof. Tom Foster
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Post by Prof. Tom Foster »

I think mine is pretty easy, tom (tooom) with the long o sound and foster (fooster) with the long o and the ster part sounds like stir.
Karen Circa
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Post by Karen Circa »

My name is easy! Karen (rhymes with baren) and Circa is pronounced Cir (like Seer) and Ca (like kah). I really enjoy reading about everyone else's pronunciations, We have such a nice variety of names to learn how to pronounce here on HOL!
Evelyn Wilson
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Post by Evelyn Wilson »

Evelyn= Ehv-Uh-Lin
Wilson= Will-Sun
Pretty simple, no?
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Katherine Black
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Post by Katherine Black »

Well, my name is pretty simple but here we go!

Katherine Black

Ka - It sounds like the Ca in Cat
th - This sounds like the Th in there
er - This is kind of like when you're confused and you're like err?
ine - This sounds like the word in (the E is silent)

When you put it all together it looks like...

but it looks like...

And now for my last name...


Well I'm not sure how to put this into words :P
If you listen to how they say it in the movies, it's the same as Sirius Black.
Adoril Milner
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Post by Adoril Milner »

A as in "a"
Do as in "duh"
Ril as "grill" without the "g"

So, Ah-duh-ril

Mil as in "mill"
Ner as in "her" with a "n" instead of a "h".

So, Mill-ner

Pretty simple!
Prof. Maquelly John
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Post by Prof. Maquelly John »


Ma- pronounced like muh
quell- pronounced like quill but with an e sound instead of the I sound
ly- pronounced like lee


I think that is pretty obvious :)
Prof. Silmarien Szilagyi
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Post by Prof. Silmarien Szilagyi »

My name is not easy to spell or to pronounce. It has caused many a headache in Ravenclaw, I'm sure. ;)

Silmarien Szilagyi:

Sil= sil, like a window sill
mar= mar, like the Spanish word for sea or like the "mar" in March
ien= ee-en, the "i" is pronounced like the European "i" or the English "ee"

Szil= seel, like the mammal (seal)
agy= the "a" is like when the doctor tells you to open your mouth and say "ahh" and the "gy" is like the "dieu" in adieu
i= "ee"

Put it all together, and you've got it! :)
Thanks Cassie Lobiesk!
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