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Sean Cavenaugh
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Post by Sean Cavenaugh »

Sean Cavenaugh...

Sean - Pronounced "Shawn"


Ca - Like the 'ca' in cat.
ven - like the 'ven' in vent
augh - like 'awe' as in 'awe, poor thing'

There you have it.
Rhiannon Jones
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Post by Rhiannon Jones »

My second is easy but my first does flummox people from time to time:

Rhiannon is pronounced, Ree-an-non , not too hard methinks!
Rhiannon Jones
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Anyet Montree
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Post by Anyet Montree »

Hmmm. Not thinking mine is too hard.

An - said like "on"
yet - said like... well... "yet"

Mon - ryhmes with "con" or "fawn" or "lawn"
tree- said like "tree"
Niniel Sanders
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Post by Niniel Sanders »

~Ni as in "no" only with an i-sound (the 'i' in ice) instead of an o-sound
~the stress is on the first i
~This repeats
~el as the "el" in elm-tree

~San as in 'sand' only without the d-sound at the end
~The stress is on 'an'
~d as in the first d-sound in death
~er as the er-sound int he end of deatheater
~s as the s-sound in is
Juste Lupin
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Post by Juste Lupin »

Juste Lupin: Pronounced:



long u


long i

Anassa Dikaios

Post by Anassa Dikaios »

A ( as in another)-nas (like nas in nascar)- sa (saw) ( emphasis on nas) = Anassa (Ancient greek for "queen")

Di (like in dig) kai ( rhymes with guy)- os (like in hose) ( Ancient greek for "righteous")

These may not be the correct pronunciations, but they are how I've chosen to pronounce them.
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Padme Undomiel
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Post by Padme Undomiel »

Padmé Undómiel

Pad as in, well, pad

mé as the 'ey' sound in grey

Un as the Spanish word for one, 'un'

dó a bit like a shor 'da' in dawn, or a short and precise duh, without the 'h'

mi as 'mi' in the singing warm-up do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do

el as the Spanish el, like el chico, el ciudad

So it's:

Pad-mé Un-dó-mi-el

Thanks to the amazing Alisha at the Sig 'N Av Palace!

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Thoth Van
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Post by Thoth Van »

Thoth Van

THOTH - pronounced as TOT, the T's not like in "today", but in "but", and the O like in GOD

Van - it's not pronounced like the the vehicle, but like AN in Evander, except that in VAN the N is short
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Karen Padfoot
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Post by Karen Padfoot »

Ka (sounds lik o'ka'y) ren (like wen in went except the w is an R) Padfoot
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Ciaran Drea
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Post by Ciaran Drea »

Ok you pronounce my name like this key (cia) roun (ran)
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October Jackson
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Post by October Jackson »

Leora Lobel wrote:5. October... wasn't always called October.  I never knew that!
LOL!! /laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" /> I've just looked back at my post from 2002 and.... hehe, I'd forgotten what a mischievous young second year I was.

No, I have always been called October Jackson.

And I'm sure I don't need to explain the pronunciation, but just for the record, it's pronounced:
October - oktoe-ba (as in the month), or Toby for short - toe-bee
Junia - joon-eea
Harriet - harry-ut
Jackson - jak-sen

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Cascade Grey
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Post by Cascade Grey »

Well my name is pretty easy.:


Cas as in Cassette

and Cade as in Arcade

and Grey as well... Gr... ey as in Hey... Grey...

Cascade Grey
Tanis Majere
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Post by Tanis Majere »


is (s is pronounced as an s not a z)


jere (jeer)
Prof. Gaius Scycis
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Post by Prof. Gaius Scycis »

Guy-Us Sky-Sis
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Desdemona Erepto
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Post by Desdemona Erepto »

Des-pronouced like Dez
de- like eh
mon- like money without the y
a- is like uh

E- like EEEE
rep- like reptile with out the tile part
to-is like your toe

my whole name means "Serpent of the Devil" so im not sure if the rep thing is coinincidence or whatever...gorsh (yes I said gorsh but do you really wanna get into this with me /mad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":angry:" border="0" alt="mad.gif" /> ) im thinking too much /blink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blink:" border="0" alt="blink.gif" />
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Allison Prencer
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Post by Allison Prencer »

Mine is very simple-

a(like ah)
son(like sin)

pren( e is pronounced like eh, not eee)-cer(like sir)

a-li-sin prehn-sir
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Becca Granger
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Post by Becca Granger »

I think I have a very easy name to pronounce:

Becca- Beh-Ka
Granger- Grain-jer

I hope you can pronounce it especially because Becca is Rebecca without the Re and Granger is Hermione's last name so...... ya lol
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Caitriona Harman
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Post by Caitriona Harman »

My Turn, My Turn!!

Cait = (pronounced Kate)
Ri = (prounounced Ree)
O = (pronounced oo)
Na = (prounounced Na)

kate - ree - oo - na

Har = (prounounced like far)
man = (pronounced like men)

Lol, i love making the spellings of my names one way, but saying it another way... /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />
Charlotte Ashville
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Post by Charlotte Ashville »

my name isnt that hard to pronounce too...
you just say char.. as in sha..
and lotte.. just like you say lot
ashville... well you go.. ash.. and then ville
simple and smart..

thanks to Edison..

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Emily Vale
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Post by Emily Vale »

Emily is pretty easy, but just in case:
it sounds like Em a lee --

And Vale:
it's just Vale (rhymes with pail or Yale)

So hopefully no one calls me Emily Valey anymore. lol. /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" /> -Em

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