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Sila Snape
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Post by Sila Snape »

si: see
la: love (the same pronounciation without the last letter(v) while saying love)

perhaps like cylla, I'm not sure.
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David Ravenfeather
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Post by David Ravenfeather »





(czech translate is "havrapirko" which is pronounced "h-a-v-rr-a-p-ee-r-k-o")
October Allion
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Post by October Allion »

Heh. This one isn't too hard XD


Allanna Branwen Culwich
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Post by Allanna Branwen Culwich »

Sila Snape wrote:As I know, 'rideau' means 'curtain'. But I don't know how to pronounce it.
FYI: Rideau is said ri-doe... Tada! *does the 'I can kinda pronounce french' dance*
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Aphy Snape
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Post by Aphy Snape »

Aphy, fairly simple - the 'ph' is typical British pronounciation of 'f'


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Avery Ackart
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Post by Avery Ackart »

My name is Avery Ackart
'Av' as in "let's misbehave"
'Er' as in "Grrr. Get your hands off my oreos."
'Y' as in "Eee! There's a mouse!"

'Ack' as in "It's not nice to smack people"
'Art' as in "I can't draw, so I never liked art class."
Avery Brookshire
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Post by Avery Brookshire »

Avery (see above if you're confused) and Brookshire like a babbling brook, and shire, as in the place where Sam and Frodo live (or Frodo used to...ahh! I hope that's not a spoiler for some people!! I love you!! /unsure.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":unsure:" border="0" alt="unsure.gif" /> *runs away*)
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Phoenicia Mellyn
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Post by Phoenicia Mellyn »


Ok,my name sounds like this.

Phoe:Sounds like 'fee' as in to pay a fee;

ni:Sounds sort of like 'knee'

cia:Well it sounds a bit like 'sha' but would rhyme with 'car' without the 'r' sound.

Me:No,it is NOT 'me',it sounds like 'meh' that rhymes with 'chair' without the 'r' sound.

llyn:It is like a person's name,'Lynn'.

If you put it together you will get ;

Phoe-ni-cia Me-llyn

It should sound like ;

fee-nee-sha meh-lynn

Do you get it? /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" /> I know it looks difficult but you'll get the hang of it soon. /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" />

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Sera Maxwell
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Post by Sera Maxwell »


Sera is pronounced the same way as 'Sara'.

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Tobias Zephyr
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Post by Tobias Zephyr »

It's really easy:

'To' as in automatic
'Bi' as in goodbye
'As' as in kiss

"Ze' as in zebra (the English sound)
'Phyr' as in fur
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Whitney Arter
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Post by Whitney Arter »

My name is exceedingly simple.



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Penelope Halliwell
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Post by Penelope Halliwell »

Pen-el-oh-pee (penelope)
Hal-li-well (halliwell)
I think that is right. it's kind of a duh thing
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Amanda Taylor
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Post by Amanda Taylor »


Ah-man-dah Tei-lohr

Or something like it.

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Carlos Lerma
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Post by Carlos Lerma »

I think mine is very easy
it is just the way is¡t is written /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" />
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Asendiel Hiluwat
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Post by Asendiel Hiluwat »

My name is always pronouced wrong.
it not pronouced As-in-deal

It's prounouced Aus-in-dee-ill Hillu-watt

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Dillon Byrne
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Post by Dillon Byrne »

My name is pronounced...
Di like Did without the second d
llon like london without the don
Byrne like Burn
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Dreco Onyx Fallame
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Post by Dreco Onyx Fallame »

dreco ( drey-koh )

onyx ( on-nix )

fallame (fa-lla-mey)

i think thats how u pronouns them /unsure.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":unsure:" border="0" alt="unsure.gif" />
Samantha Reign
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Post by Samantha Reign »

My name is easy.



My muggle name is a little harder.

Tiamat Buchanan
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Post by Tiamat Buchanan »

My name is pronounced:

Tee - ah - mat

Byuu - kan - an

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