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Salana Mondego
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Post by Salana Mondego »

my name is also pretty straight foward!

salana: pronounced with short "a" sounds: suh-lon-a
mondego: mon-day-go
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Lyall Wolfe
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Post by Lyall Wolfe »

Well, see, I've got a problem, when I registered to HOL, I serached for an interesting name, that will also show my love for wolves (I'm a Wolf Addict, I am...).
So anyway, Lyall is a name originating from Old Norse, meaning I don't really know how it is really pronunced, but I personally pronunce it:

Lee - yal

Anyone here who knows Old Norse?

And Wolfe, well, Wolfe is pronunced the same way the word "Wolf" is.
Melui Kurayami
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Post by Melui Kurayami »

Mine is:

Me- sounds like 'meh'
Lu- sounds like 'loo'
I- sounds like 'ee'

My last name is easy for anyone who speaks Japanese...but I'll do the best I can to write out the proper pronunciation:

Ku- sounds kind of like "koo" but is a really short sound.
Ra- well the R sound in Japanese is between an R and an L. Other than that, it would rhyme with 'duh'
Ya- also rhymes with 'duh'
Mi- sounds like 'me'
Zimmer Darkrobes
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Post by Zimmer Darkrobes »

Two ways of pronouncing my first name, for the second one as easy as it´s written.

Zi - zee
mme - me but drylly, as in melt without the lt
r - as in the final r of westminster

Or in German, which means "room".

zi - tsee with a shorter e like seeker with a t before
mmer - ma, like the scottish word for mom. With a mute a, like mapple.

That´s all /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />
Lucia Mariana

Post by Lucia Mariana »

Malien Clementielle wrote:I've seen a lot of interesting names here lately, and I have no idea how to pronounce half of them./wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" /> Plus, there has been some confusion on how to pronounce my name *cough*Malien the Alien*cough*, so I just thought I'd clear that up.

First of all, my name does not rhyme with "alien." It sounds more like this:

Ma (rhymes with "pa" or "ah" or "la")
li (rhymes with "lee" or "see")
en (rhymes with "hen" or "pen")

So if I put it together, it sounds like Mah-lee-en. The stress is on the "mah."

Now, Clementielle is a whole other story. I wanted it to sound French, and part of the name is French so it sounds something like this:

Cle (sounds like the "re" in "ready" and it also sounds like the "e" in "bread", best representation is the "cle" in "cleft")

men (if you know French then you should know how it sounds, if you don't, then the closest sound I can give you is that it sounds like the "Mon" in Monty.)

tie (pronounced like "tee")

elle (rhymes with "bell")

So if I put this all together, it sounds like Cleh-mon-tee-ell.

So my full name is pronounced:
Mah-lee-en Cleh-mon-tee-ell

It's much easier to pronounce if you speak French.

Yeesh! This post was long. I hope I haven't confused anyone.../wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />

So what do your names sound like?
Lucia Mariana

Lu - rhymes with "roo"
cia - sounds like "see-a"

Mari - like the name "Mary"
ana - sounds like "ahh-na"
Paula Lovegood

Post by Paula Lovegood »

My name is not so hard to say it. It's easy if you speak portuguese.
My name is Paula and you should say it like:
Pa---> like pah or the "a" in bla or ha.
u---> like the "u" in huge (without the "h") or the sound of two O's like in Hooper, but not so long.
la--> same thing as Pa, like lah or bla or ha

So together it's Pah-oo-lah.
Raevyn Lovel
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Post by Raevyn Lovel »

My name's quite simple, really.

Raevyn - Ray-ven (Like the bird)

Lovel - Low-vell
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Adrienne Denome
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Post by Adrienne Denome »

I'm going to assume that no one has trouble pronouncing Adrienne.
Yeah, Denomé...
Den- Rhymes with hen.
om- Sounds like the letter M ?
e- Just like the word 'me'.
( It's...different.)

The last part of my surname is not gnome.

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Jade Seabiscuit
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Post by Jade Seabiscuit »

Well... mine's not that hard.

Jade -> as in Jay with a 'D' at the end
Sea -> as in the ocean
Biscuit -> as in the bread thingy

And my nickname, JadieLee, is:
Jadie -> as in Jay-dee
Lee -> I'm assuming you all know this! lol

/biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" /> EASY!
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Prof. Rien Noraina
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Post by Prof. Rien Noraina »

Well, here is how you pronounce my name:

Ri - like ree of reese (not an English, but a rolled r)
en - like the en of end

No - like the No of Norway
rai - like Rhi of Rhine with a rolled r
na - like n plus u of but

in short: Ree-an Noh-rhi-nah

Well it's Sindarin...

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Henna Qureshi

Post by Henna Qureshi »

Okay here goes---

Henna Like the dye, Hen- ah

Qureshi This one's slightly more difficult. It's like Kuh-reh-shee

Get it? Hen-ah Kuh-reh-shee /cool.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="B)" border="0" alt="cool.gif" />
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Willow Granger
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Post by Willow Granger »

My student name isn't too hard.

Wil- as in Will

low- as in low

Then Granger, as in Hermione's last name.

That's it.

Willow Granger
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Rhia Keoko
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Post by Rhia Keoko »

My name's pretty easy.

Ree-uh Kee-oh-ko
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Justinian Torz
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Post by Justinian Torz »

Hmm...Justinian Torz. Wow, how tricky!

Justinian - Just-In-Ee-Yin

Torz - Tohrz
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Kimri Elchi
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Post by Kimri Elchi »

Mine is ALMOST easy:

Kimri: Kim-ree
Elchi: El-shee (the "ch" in my last name is pronounced "sh")
Mimi McConnell
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Post by Mimi McConnell »

Mi- as in Minnie
mi- as in me

Mc-as in Mickey
Con-as in con man
nell- as in nelly
Ianthe Brightwing

Post by Ianthe Brightwing »

Hmm, mine's not too bad:


I- as the EE in cheese
an - as in tan
the - as in there

Bright-wing is self-explanatory, no?
Ruby Rossignol

Post by Ruby Rossignol »

Mine is ok, but Rossignol is a bit more complicated than you might think, so:

Roo-bee (Ruby)

Ros- sounds like Raws
Sig- sounds like Seeg That's a long "e"
Nol- sounds like noll or nole

Somewhat like that popular Muggle ski brand. *g*
Diren Grey
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Post by Diren Grey »

Diren Grey=

Der - In Grey
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Adiana Jewel

Post by Adiana Jewel »

Mines kinda easy

Adiana Jewel-

A- like the A in apple
di- dee
a- like ahhhh
na- like nah

Jewel is the normal way

so A-dee-ah-nah Jewel
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