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Silde Owen
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Post by Silde Owen »

I took ages to choose my name. I'm very indecisive.

Silde is the name of my main World of Warcraft character. I originally chose it by playing around with an anagram generator, I was listening to the band Wir sind Helden at the time and put that name in, Silde was just part of one of the groups of nonsense words that came out. I thought it sounded sort of Germanic which was what I was going for! So yes, it's the name of my night elf and now my HOL name.

Owen is my mother's surname, I like it better than my own. I thought since Silde is very unusual as a first name I would go for a much more ordinary last name.
Evan Trask
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Post by Evan Trask »

My first and surname are both of Welsh origin. I chose names from this part of the world because my ancestor's were originally from England and Scotland, before immigrating to the United States.

Evan is Celtic for "young warrior." I chose this name because it is the name of my grandfather in real life, and I felt that it suited me perfectly, considering I am still only in high school, and relatively young.

was a prominent stage coach stopping places between London and Edinburgh in the 1600's and the name first appeared in the 12th century. I have always admired the name, and since I had the opportunity, I decided to use it.
Soluna Moore
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Post by Soluna Moore »

Soluna is actually a RP name I came up with sometime ago. Obviously with it's first half from Solar and second from Lunar. Moore is just the first last name I used when I began RP'ing.
Hikari-Lee Snape
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Post by Hikari-Lee Snape »

k about my name...hmmmm. well i was browsing the internet looking for some cool nick names i was thinking of going for Sagira Yami, sagira means little and yami means darkness. but i found the name hikari which is japanese for light and i loved it right away so i decided to add my middle name lee to it and decided to call myself Hikari-Lee Motou cause it sounded cool but i decided to check out a fan fiction site for harry potter only and came across a story that i absolutely adored and i decided to add the last name snape after a dream i had about me being his daughter.
PM me a link for the stories author it is a really good story even if you don't like snape id suggest you still read it, its a really good read.

No links. -Cosmo
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Hanna Erised
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Post by Hanna Erised »

Hanna is my real name, and the last name is taken from The Mirror of Erised. I've always found it fascinating. :)
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BrookeAnne Ginevra
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Post by BrookeAnne Ginevra »

Ha, it just came to me. I like the name BrookeAnne and I like Ginevra too, so, BrookeAnne Ginevra *bows*

Thankee. :D
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Jason Jakcson
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Post by Jason Jakcson »

Michael Jackson and Jason Statham are two of my favorite personalities. So I mixed them up and edited Jackson to Jakcson and used it. Smart, Aint I?
Just Kidding.

~Jason Jakcson

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Daryl Michaels
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Post by Daryl Michaels »

Sweet topic. well as most of us I just used the first thing that popped into my head, well my name in real life is Daryl (and I can't stand the thought of anyone calling me something else) and as for Michaels, its my middle name (Michael) with an 's' added, Daryl Michaels sounded much better than Daryl Michael.............. I think. :unsure:

PS: I saw some very interesting post and kinda regret not choosing a more interesting name, but to each his own I figured. :P
Cassandra Doyle
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Post by Cassandra Doyle »

My name is completely TV related. Cassandra was a minor character in a couple of episodes of Stargate SG-1 and Doyle was one of Angel's sidekicks during the first season of Angel. He had the best accent.
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Katelynn Carroway
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Post by Katelynn Carroway »

I wanted to keep my real initials (KJC), and Katelynn is a close twist on my first name. The spelling comes from a girl I knew in highschool--I suppose I was kinda struck by the simplicity of the spelling-pronunciation relationship. Justa is a feminine form of a very old, dear family name that I adore, and 'Carroway'? I was stuck for a 'C' surname and it flowed nicely with the other two! ^_^
Katelynn Justa Carroway
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Fujiko Ankyo
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Post by Fujiko Ankyo »

i just like the name fujiko. its japanese and means Wisteria child. ankyo is also japanese and means easy life. i like hot the two sound and look together. :)
Figaro Black
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Post by Figaro Black »

I wanted to be a Black in memory of Sirius. I needed a first name that sounded like the others. Kinda Latinish. Like Sirius, Regulus, Narcissa et cetera. Anyway Figaro sort of popped up in my mind, now that I think of it wasn't that the name of the cat in Pinocchio?(I don't know how to spell that) Well, it was either that or Riddikulus Black... but that would make me sound like an idiot.

R.I.P. Sirius Black, a terrible son to his expectant parents. Gone astray from his families evil ways (though Regulus died to desroy a horcrux, and Narcissa told Voldemort Harry was dead even though she knew he wasn't).
Isabel Moon
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Post by Isabel Moon »

I picked 'Isabel' because it's the Spanish version of my RL name. For my surname, I wanted to pick a name from the books, but one of a very minor character, who was barely mentioned. I like 'Moon,' I've used it in fanfictions before.
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Justine Provençal
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Post by Justine Provençal »

I chose the name Justine because, around a year ago, I was trying to name a new character that was loosely based on myself. I tried many different names, before one day I was struck by one. I was watching She's the Man with my mother, (and for those of who who have seen it, you know that when Viola was pretending to be Sebastian, she pretended that her ex-boyfriend Justin was her ex-girlfriend Justine.) Well, the name never really registered to me before that, but when Duke gave Monique the cellphone and said "Justine keeps calling", or something to that effect, I sort of fell in love with the name. It just suited my character so perfectly!

Then, when I was choosing her last name, Provençal just popped into my head right away. It was the last name of some kid I'd gone to Elementary school with, and I'd always liked it. Then, I chose the middle name Sophie, because it just flowed perfectly!

So, when I registered at HOL, and was asked to choose a name, it was really a no-brainer to go with the name of one of my favourite female characters! (Except...writing-Justine is a Muggle, and I'm a Pure-Blood. And we're completely different people. I just stole her name! ;) )

Plus, I'm from Quebec and speak French. *shrug*
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Ely Granger
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Post by Ely Granger »

My HOL name is Ely Granger.
I used "Ely" Because my friends call me so(my real name is Elizabeth)and I used "Granger" because Hermione Granger is my favourite character!
Lilia Firebird
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Post by Lilia Firebird »

I'm currently writing a story about a haunted school titled Lilia Firebird. Lilia is the ghost of Cragmere High, and I just love the name. I couldn't think of a cool, creative name at first, So I looked at some stories on my computer to use one of my character names. Lilia Firebird popped out at me, so i decided to use it. I've used the story of Lilia Firebird as an RP a few times, and it has turned out pretty well.
Lulu Poof
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Post by Lulu Poof »

Lulu Poof is the name that one of my best friend's dad gave me in probably 6th grade. I'm in college now, and the name has still stuck around with me. It's crazy, fun, and doesn't make any sense, but that's what's so great about it. It suits me well.
Estella Ravenscroft
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Post by Estella Ravenscroft »

I read Dicken's "Great Expectatives" a lot of years ago and I fell in love with the name of the main female character, Estella... I often use it as nickname, also on other sites. Ravenscroft? It sounds good... and it's the surname of a family in a book of Agatha Christie :P
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