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Willow Granger
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Post by Willow Granger »


Here's mine.


I just thought i'd like to be named for a professor. I'm also fond of trees, especially willows. I wanted to be named for one. /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />


My favorite character is Hermione, so you can figure out how that got going.

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Whitney Arter
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Post by Whitney Arter »

Mine isnt all that interesting either, but I'll tell anyway. I was named after Whitney Houston. I have her first and middle name and my grandmother's madien name just happens to be Houston and since I have a hard time remembering pass words, I just use the same email and name and password for everything, otherwise, I'd be totally lost.

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Avery Brookshire
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Post by Avery Brookshire »

I actually had a hard time picking out my name. I wanted to make something good the first time, so that later I wouldn't hate it. /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" /> So, I wanted to have an Irish name to go with my heritage, but I couldn't decide between Brielle and Avery. Then I looked on a baby names website and found out that Avery means "ruler of elves." Brookshire is actually one of my friends last name, but there's actually a really cute guy at my school named Brooks /rolleyes.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":rolleyes:" border="0" alt="rolleyes.gif" /> haha......and the "shire" worked out perfectly in honor of my friend who I think is secretly a hobbit. /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
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Amanda Pierce
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Post by Amanda Pierce »

Well, my name is pretty boring, actually.

I chose Amanda because it's my favorite name.

Pierce is the surname of a very old, very prominent family which my mother worked for in her youth. She was their "girl". She cooked, cleaned, took care of the children, etc... They treated her VERY well. She still talks of them often, even though she now has Alzheimers and doesn't remember very much.

that's my story....Pretty mundane, eh??
Amanda Pierce

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Rose Glynn
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Post by Rose Glynn »

Well, to start, I figured my character would be half-blood or entirely muggle-born (the latter, I finally decided) so she'd have to have a muggle name to match.
Rose has always been my favorite name for a girl, because it's a strong name but also distinctly feminine. And has the cool japanese equivilant "Bara", which I've been using for some time now on forums and such.
Glynn was taken from an old best friend, a girl I really admire... her first name was Casey and she was the most talented person I've ever known. She could draw, paint, sing, play guitar, all of it... She's my idol, and it's probably because I want to be more like her that I stole her name. xD
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Penelope Halliwell
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Post by Penelope Halliwell »

my first name (Penelope) came from the book The Odyssey, My last name came from the tv show Charmed.
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Jade Seabiscuit
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Post by Jade Seabiscuit »

Hehehehe... my name? Well, it's actually kinda interesting. There was this brazilian soap opera in, like, 2003 named "El Clon" which is "The Clone" in English, and the main female character was named Jade (pronounced Hah-deh in Spanish and, well, Jade in English). And Seabiscuit comes from the movie. I really love horses and this movie really caught my attention and moved me!
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Cassandra Dresden
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Post by Cassandra Dresden »

I chose my first name because Cassandra was the name of one of my favorite Greek myths. Cassandra was a prophet who was cursed to have no one believe in any of her visions. She warned Troy of the Trojan Horse beforehand, but her warnings were was ignored. And Dresden is the last name of a character in The Dresden Files, Harry Dresden. Harry is a wizard (now that sounds familar) who lives in Chicago fighting werewolves and demons.
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Emmaline Whitney
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Post by Emmaline Whitney »

I chose my name because my grandmothers name was Emma. I came up with Emmaline to be different. as for the last name Whitney, it just sounded good. since I think that Emmaline would come from a pure blood family like the Weasleys but be very well off like the Malfoys.
So that's me
Emmaline Whitney
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Jessamyn Cats
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Post by Jessamyn Cats »

Jessamyn was a name i liked since I was a little gurl...and i thought it didn't exist....I thought I had invented it....but then one day i found out that it did exist...and that it is a variation of Jasmine...which is also really beautiful....so i kept it... /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" />
And Cats...well...it means cats...but i really like cats...so thats it /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />
love and hugs
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Samantha Reign
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Post by Samantha Reign »

I picked my name from two of the shows I liked years ago. My full character name is:

Samantha is from The X Files (Mulder's sister)

Anastasia is from Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia

Fox is from The X Files (Mulder's first name)

Reign is from Poltergiest: The Legacy (A varaition of Derek Rain's name)
Morgana Draigo
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Post by Morgana Draigo »

Morgana is a more medieval sounding name and I love just about everything medieval.

Marie was a good middle name to go along with it.

Draigo is the Italian word for dragon with an 'i' added so it can be pronounced how I want. Dragons are somewhat of a family symbol for my character.
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Emma Greene
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Post by Emma Greene »

My name was one of my best friends whom I had already consider her as my dear sister gave me this name as my name initial is "E", that's why after many names searching, this name seemed to suit me the best, that's how Emma became my informal name. As for my surname, it was just at the spur of the moment. It just came clicked in my mind. I grew to like this name a lot. /laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" />
Beruthiel Catqueen
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Post by Beruthiel Catqueen »

Yay--finally, somewhere I can put the story of my name!

Beruthiel is mentioned on page 303 of The Fellowship of the Ring in a quote by Aragorn: "Do not be afraid! I have been with [Gandalf] on many a journey...He is surer of finding the way home in the dark than the cats of Queen Beruthiel."

This is the only time Beruthiel appears in LOTR. Now, Tolkien never made mention of a name without having some story to back that name up...except, I thought, Beruthiel. I searched and searched and could not find her story anywhere, until by chance I picked up a copy of Forgotten Tales. There, in a tiny note in the back of the book, Christopher Tolkien described finding his father's notes on Beruthiel.

Beruthiel, it turns out, was the first Queen of Gondor. She lived at Osgiliath but she hated the sounds and smells of the sea. She was a barren woman who wore nothing but black. She kept ten cats, nine black and one white. The black were sent out to spy on the world of men and the white was sent to spy on the black. Eventually she was sent away for sheer spitefullness, and was erased from the history of the kings.

So we come to my HOL character. The daughter of an Elf, Lindir, and a witch, Honey Sunshine, she (or I) is Half Elven but she (I) has a special magic spell which allows her to see the world through the eyes of her kitten Etienne. She (I) is much nicer than the real Beruthiel.

So that's the long and only vaguely interesting history of my HOL name!

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Regina Silverthread
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Post by Regina Silverthread »

How did you choose your name? What does it means. I thought it would be a great idea to discuss different names and different stories associated with them. So, let's talk about a part of our RP characters.

Regina is a latin word meaning royal, I think. I borrowed it from classic civ. class where we had to play this game where we had to give each other greek or latin games. I gave my best friend Helena the name Filippia (she who loves horses in ancient greek) because she loves riding. She gave me the name Regina, because that day I wore a T-shirt with a tiara and the slogan "I'm a royal".

As for Silverthread it just occured to me when I joined up Hol and had to get a surname. A little before I had seen my cat playing with a silver piece of thread. It just sounded nice!!! /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" />
Gabi Moffit
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Post by Gabi Moffit »

Cute thread!

Anyway, Gabi came from my 7th grade Spanish name for my Spanish class /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" /> Moffit is the name of the building I'll be living in next year at school! Creative, I know /wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />
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Shalaine Calenos
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Post by Shalaine Calenos »

I chose my name from a character I play in a RPG, I have played her for about 15 years. She is a magic user and would love to be able to go to a school like this. So I though some character development would be good.

The first name, Shalaine is one that has been with me well before I started playing and it is very close to my real name of Sheryl.

The surname, Calenos is just a name I thought would go well with Shalaine.

Everyone looks hungry & thirsty, here's muffins and butterbeers for you all. Talking about our names is hard work... /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />

Amanda Patel
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Post by Amanda Patel »

Well, about my name. The first name, Amanda, came from a character off of a show that I watch (Highlander...also Highlander the Raven). It sounded good at the time /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" /> although Amanda seems to be a common name around HOL!

The last name, Patel, came from one of my friend's whose last name is Patel. I don't think it's a common surname and it sounded good with Amanda.
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Aylarah Scale
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Post by Aylarah Scale »

I don't really like my last name at all. I thought of Aylarah because I was reading the 'Earth's Children' books by Jean Auel and the main charactor is called Ayla. I was thinking of haveing just 'Ayla' as a first name but wanted to make it a bit more exotic. Scale was because I couldn't think of anything and I like Slytherin - snakes have scales. Needless to say, I didn't make the name more interesting amd, wouldn't you know, I didn't get sorted into Slytherin. /rolleyes.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":rolleyes:" border="0" alt="rolleyes.gif" />
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