What Is In A Name?

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Amy Smith
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Amy Smith »

Hii Everyone,
I chose the ne Amy, because it meant beloved and it had a very nice ring to it. Whereas for my last name, I chose got it from the movie Mr and Mrs Smith because I not only liked the movie, but it went very well with the name Amy.
Prof. Kendra Givens
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Prof. Kendra Givens »

I realized I've never answered this question and I just finished year seven! I picked Kendra because my real name starts with a K and I wanted a more unique sounding K name. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about Kendra Dumbledore, so no intentional relationship there. As far as Givens, my first instinct was Goyle, but I think that was a little too canon, so I went with the first G name that came to mind. Again, because my real initials are KG.
Anne-Marie Gagne
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Anne-Marie Gagne »

Oh this thread is interesting to read some of the posts on!

My name actually came from a DnD character I made for the last campaign I was in! She was from an area in the world that was lightly based off France and I quite liked both Anne and Marie so instead of choosing one I hyphenated them lol

Picked Gagne (technically Gagné, pronounced gone-yay) because I looked up French last names and I just liked how it looked.

I decided to reuse the name here because wizard in DnD and being one here just felt right but also because she actually died during a fight and I had to create a new character (I just fleshed out one of her five brothers lol).
Lex Green
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Lex Green »

For me, Lex Green comes from one of my favourite musicals, Black Friday. In it, there's a character called Lex Foster, who's boyfriend is Ethan Green, so I just smashed them together
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Dibyarup James Potter
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Dibyarup James Potter »

Hi, so... I was born in June 2002. This post was made in July 2002 and that makes me feel really weird replying to it now, but here's my story. Dibyarup is my real life name. I am from India and the name is of a Bengali origin. The name means "Divine Avatar".

As for James Potter, it obviously comes from Harry James Potter. The backstory of my persona is that I am Harry Potter's youngest son. James and Albus are my elder brothers and Lilly is my elder sister. I always liked the name James because two of my favourite characters have it in their name, Harry of course and also James Bond.

Idk if anyone will ever see this reply, but just how in 2023 I am replying to something posted back in 2002, I believe HOL will continue to be there to fill the lives of other people with magic just like mine, even in 2044.
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Apollo Dimitriadis
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Apollo Dimitriadis »

I chose the name Apollo Dimitriadis, because I am in love with Greek mythology and the gods of it and Apollo was the first name I came up with it also has a small influence of a fanfic I read where someone had the name Apollo, and the last name is from an generator because I am not so good with last names
Adeline Morior
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Adeline Morior »

When I first started on any form of HP platform I kind of just made up the first name that came to mind that I thought sounded like a witch family name. I ended up liking my choice from the start and just went with it over all the platforms. I must admit today I have build a great HP persona (magical version of me) and I like my HOL name none the less. Wish I could say it has this great back story but no, I am afraid it's the first name that came to mind that I liked. ^_^

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February Fortescue
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by February Fortescue »

I can't remember if I posted here or not.

I was born in February and Luna Lovegood's birthday is the day after mine, which I think is pretty awesome.

The Fortescue family intrigues me. I would have loved to learn more about Florean Fortescue, while Dexter Fortescue was a Head Master.

I love alliteration :D
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Lyra Valois
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Lyra Valois »

Lyra here,

My HOL persona is Lyra (ly-ruh) Valois (val-waa).
I just extremely love the name Lyra. And Valois I got from a dynasty of French royalty that Mary, Queen of Scots had married into. I was in love with the show Reign when it was on and Francis Valois was just :wub: so when I created this, Lyra Valois was born, a descendant of French royalty. Though Francis and Mary never had a kid.
Just let me live in my delusional state for a bit longer. Just about the fictional Francis and Mary though... not the real ones.
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Hiya Debnath
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Hiya Debnath »

My name means heart (not the organ, but more like soul).
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Viviana Kingston
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Viviana Kingston »

My name is based on a character I was writing at the time of my arrival.
- Viviana Kingston
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Maiden Moon
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Maiden Moon »

My name actually comes from my penname, the name I use for my poetry to stay anonymous Is Luna maiden, but i knew luna would be popular so I changed it to Maiden Moon. The name came from my love for the moon, and the triple goddess in wiccan ( as a young wiccan I thought It suited me well) so Maiden is one part of the moon goddess (the others being The mother and the crone). ^_^
Atticus Felos
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Re: What Is In A Name?

Post by Atticus Felos »

Let's see... My first name came from a clothing brand i used to wear daily when I was in HS (Atticus). Which this name has stuck with me for the last 20+ years. My last name was something I made up when i used to play a game called Star Wars Galaxies. One of my favorite SW Characters from the novels was from a Planet called Telos... which when I created my gaming Character, i changed this over to Felos. This also stayed with alot of my gaming names from time to time. :P
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