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LeakyCon 2018

Post by Shiloh Adlar » Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:01 pm

I was so happy this year to be able to attend LeakyCon 2018. I got back home late last night after an incredible weekend of Harry Potter greatness and getting to see some awesome Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts cast members! Alison Sudol and Dan Fogler were there and they were incredible together in their shared panel but also on their own panels. (Stay tuned to a full article on this in the SerpenTimes when the school year begins again). There were also many others that were there, but I won't spoil it too soon.

The cosplays were great! There was a Snape and Augusta Longbottom from Neville's boggart class and that cosplay was probably one of the best. I'm sad I didn't grab a photo of any of these but I'm still too shy to ask people if I can photograph them even though tons of others were and they seemed okay with it. I'm new to these sorts of things.

I got to visit the Ravenclaw common room and that was fun! I even solved a logic puzzle and one of the difficult sudokus in the back of the book. It was the last panel of the day and I wasn't interested in any that were being offered and just wanted time to relax before the long drive.

Anyway, this is a lot in a short topic, and since I plan on writing an article about it, I shouldn't say much more. Who else has been to a LeakyCon, or were any of you there at this one? (Sorry if you were, but I was trying to keep a low profile while there and didn't even write my name anywhere until I signed my logic puzzle in the Ravenclaw common room right before I left).
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